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Breaking bad fat

Published : Feb 21, 2017, 12:29 am IST
Updated : Feb 21, 2017, 6:25 am IST

Non-surgical body sculpting treatments using ultrasound techniques are on the rise. Here’s what you must know.

A file picture of  Sandra Bullock used for representational purposes only.
 A file picture of Sandra Bullock used for representational purposes only.

Slimming is always percieved  as an extreme – either you spend over 45 minutes doing an intense cardio and weight-training workout, or you go the surgical way with liposuction, a tummy tuck or liposculpting. Now, more and more women are learning that non-surgical body-sculpting treatments are easier in every respect.  Ultrasound Stable Cavitation is termed as one of the most popular fat reducing treatments in the recent times. This treatment employs a form of sound energy, which at increasing the vibration frequencies can result in fat destruction.

The Ultrasound stable cavitation is safer than a surgery – with barely any recovery time, no incisions, easier on the pocket, and needs far less discipline than a strenuous exercise regime.

The fees of the treatment are not generally divulged as it varies significantly on the severity of the problem and the expertise of the doctor.  Anyone above 18 years of age is eligible for the treatment. Ultrasound Stable Cavitation helps you lose some fat and look toned. However, it cannot change your size dramatically. Don’t be surprised if a friend comments that you look in great shape, because that is what it is meant to do — to contour your body so you look more hour-glass. It doesn’t however, change your body’s basic shape, just a few dimensions.

Do avoid going for the treatment to beauty parlours or regular spas, even if they are offered there. You need qualified doctors with specialisations to perform these. A doctor will counsel you, and advise you what treatment will work best for you, or may even ask you to do a combination.

The treatment is safe, comfortable and it feels like a warm, deep tissue massage for most patients. Normal activities can be resumed immediately. It is safe for all skin types.

Results are quick and measurable – most patients experience inch loss after a few sessions. They also experience – smoother and firm skin, toned contours and accelerated weight loss. However, a  prior consultation with a physician is strictly recomended.

The writer is an international plastic surgeon.

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