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Here’s how you can stay safe and healthy this Diwali: Dr Madhu Chopra

Published : Nov 3, 2018, 6:55 pm IST
Updated : Nov 3, 2018, 6:55 pm IST

Priyanka Chopra’s mum shares tips on how to enjoy festival while ensuring that the family takes care in being healthy and safe.

The idea of lighting up your house with diyas deems best when you take precautions to celebrate a safe festival. (Photo: Pixabay)
 The idea of lighting up your house with diyas deems best when you take precautions to celebrate a safe festival. (Photo: Pixabay)

It’s that time of the year when festivities take over and everyone is in a holiday mood. But as we all prepare for Diwali, it is imperative that we don’t throw caution to the wind and ensure that we have a safe and healthy Diwali.

The idea of lighting up your house with diyas deems best when you take precautions to celebrate a safe festival. This Diwali, enjoy the festival to the fullest while ensuring that your family takes care in being healthy and safe. Enjoy the best of the season with the help of these useful tips:

Gift sensibly: Gift healthy by giving your loved ones the king of nuts – almonds. Dr Madhu Chopra, also actor Priyanka Chopra’s mother says, “Traditionally, during festivals and special occasions, almonds make an auspicious gift. Gifting almonds is like gifting good health. It embodies the care and concern of the gift giver. For years, almonds have been a favourite in my household as the best gift option. We would not only make almond snacks at home for Diwali, but as a mother I would ensure that my children would eat a handful each day. We would also take these snacks along as a healthy gift for friends and family.”

Stay safe: Safety of your family members is most important during a festival like Diwali. “I remember keeping a bucket of water nearby whenever the family would light up diyas, to take care in case of a mishap,” shares Dr Madhu Chopra. It is also important to be alert at all times and look out for that inadvertent loose spark or diya catching fire and respond proactively.

Boost immunity: Mumbai based nutritionist and fitness expert Madhuri Ruia says, “Over consumption of unhealthy food is common during Diwali.  This can be avoided by making small modifications in our festive diet. Avoid over indulgence by eating a healthy, balanced diet including fresh food, fruits and almonds and avoiding oily food. Incorporating small changes in your life like eating a handful of almonds every day and working out regularly will help you maintain a healthy life.  As you get busy preparing for the festival, remember to drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated and energetic.”

Breathe easy: “Try and keep indoors as much as you can. This is especially important for pregnant women and people suffering from asthma and bronchitis,” says Bangalore-based nutritionist Sheela Krishnaswamy. “Avoid going out for morning walks for a few days after Diwali to avoid air pollution. Instead, exercise indoors. It is always a good idea to keep a doctor’s number handy, specially for those who have chronic respiratory problems.”

Reinvent and rejoice: This Diwali put a twist into tradition by thinking of innovative food items and love the reactions that follow. Chef Manish Mehrotra of Indian Accent suggests experimenting with our traditional favourite gift of almonds. “Greet your guests with delicious almonds served in a variety of ways – crunchy, plain, roasted or flavoured. Almonds are a natural source of many essential nutrients, including protein and healthy fats, making them a nutrient-rich snack that can help keep you going throughout the day. Add a personal touch by giving making a home-made delicacy such as jaggery-coated almonds, or simply serve home-made til-coated almonds.”

Dress up the right way: While you dress up in your best festive wear, remember to be safe as well. Avoid wearing synthetic and nylon and stick to cotton as you will be spending a lot of time around the diyas. “Avoid wearing something with a lot of layers and loose ends as there is always a risk of them catching fire around diyas and firecrackers,” says Dr Madhu Chopra.

These small tips will not only help you rejoice the festival but also help you have a healthy and a safe Diwali!

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