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  Life   Health  03 Jan 2017  When ‘gym’boree gets gameful

When ‘gym’boree gets gameful

Published : Jan 3, 2017, 12:18 am IST
Updated : Jan 3, 2017, 7:32 am IST

A lot of options are emerging for fitness enthusiasts which are different from traditional gyms.

A group of city based yogis at a yoga retreat with Grand Master Akshar
 A group of city based yogis at a yoga retreat with Grand Master Akshar

With New Year come new fitness trends. As we kickstart the year we promise ourselves to get on track with fitness goals. From group training coming back on the fitness circuit to sports unlimited, wearable tech to yoga retreats in the wilderness and fitness fights, here are some of the fitness crazes that you can look out for. It’s clearly a year when everyone will demand more from their workouts.

Gauravjeet Singh, founder, Playo says, “An increasing number of people are taking sports like badminton, football and tennis as their fitness routines, since it has a great quotient of fun and social engagement. The spurt of private pay and play facilities has also contributed to increased participation as users can now pursue active sports without expensive membership restrictions. The Playo app helps you to reserve venues, find people who want to catch up on any sport or even sign up coaches for a period. Get back to the basics!”


A lot of options are emerging for fitness enthusiasts which are different from traditional gyms. Austin Prakesh, founder of Fitness Fight Club confirms, “The upcoming year is going to be about functional training and a lot of structured speed and strength training. What we saw last year was only the spark that has lit the flame for 2017. The challenge has been to find the most credible advice for a regime that suits everyday needs. People are being faced with sporting heroes and realising that the fitness regimes that super athletes follow is something that they want for themselves as well. To look and feel like an athlete, you have to train like one. 2016 has been a big year in transition for the fitness industry. People are moving away from the traditional muscle gym setups to try unconventional things. 2017 will see this trend taken up a few notches. They will look to pick up a skill along with staying fit, whether it is learning to handle themselves in a boxing ring or hold their own on a BJJ mat, it will be a year of trying different things for people to find their own groove. The idea of leading up to a grand finale where they face off against an opponent in an actual fight for fitness also has great promise.”


It’s the perfect time to reboot your stale workouts. Niran Ponnappa, co-founder of The Fit District states, “The new-age fitness trend is mobility training that focuses on getting back to you optimum range of motion. So far the focus has been on lifting weights instead of functionality and movement. This will help regain mobility.”

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