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Of epic proportions

Shakespearean in its tragic depth and explorative in its sweep, Vanara gives voice to the greatest warrior in the Ramayana, Baali.

07 Mar 2019 1:06 AM

‘Peer’ing into trauma

Creative mind Sadiqa Peerbhoy’s book explores past hurt & its relevance in life.

07 Mar 2019 1:06 AM

Boring fantasy struggles to come of age

All is well with Shui — or as well as life can be for a teenager — when a new girl joins the school.

03 Mar 2019 2:15 AM

‘Shopaholic’ back as fix-it-aholic in a witty, meet-cute family tale

Treading lightly, the popular novelist returns with an engaging read about how a young woman finds confidence, love and her parents’ respect.

01 Mar 2019 12:05 AM

Early Indians on hindsight

The Harappan Civilisation had been a mystery in my mind ever since my student days.

27 Feb 2019 1:25 AM


Journey in picture postcards

This book provides a glimpse of the visual history of India at the beginning of the industrial travel era.

27 Feb 2019 1:25 AM

A British writer’s adventures in new Middle East

What makes his travels absorbing is that he has combined on foot journey with hitch-hiking wherever roads and traffic permitted it.

24 Feb 2019 8:03 AM

Blood-splattered birth of a nation

Zaman tells the small stories that swirl around that big story.

24 Feb 2019 8:00 AM

How the OED became ubiquitous in Indian homes

English dictionaries can broadly be divided into two broad categories — the vocabulary dictionaries and the dictionaries of English usage.

22 Feb 2019 1:54 AM

In harmony with himself

This book teaches you how to find peace within yourself in order to lead a more wholesome life.

21 Feb 2019 12:45 AM


‘Building’ Ties

Esther, who has penned many books on her dwindling community (“At the moment, we are about 140 Jews in Ahmedabad.

20 Feb 2019 2:59 AM

As polls loom, much to celebrate about India’s democracy, despite shortcomings

The Indian Constitution was promulgated on January 26, 1950.

15 Feb 2019 2:00 AM

Creating history with ‘Lost at 15, Found at 50 ’

Ashwini had a successful stint with journalism and was first anchor to host 'Inside India with Aneesh Trivedi'.

15 Feb 2019 1:08 AM

A‘gogh’ about poppy flowers

Vish Dhamija’s eighth book The Heist Artist is about a conman’s mission to track down and steal Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting Poppy Flowers.

14 Feb 2019 1:52 AM

Maid of honour

Stephanie Lands’s memoirs have made it to NYT’s bestseller list.

14 Feb 2019 12:51 AM


Kashmir: A land with a rich history is now in turmoil

The Tamil, Telugu, Kalinga, Bengali and other civilisations all have histories that go back several millennia.

08 Feb 2019 1:24 AM

There’s a Perumal Murugan in all of us

The keynote address by the Assamese writer Dhruba Jyoti Borah underscored that literature must be free from any kind of control.

08 Feb 2019 1:18 AM

It’s best to sell real stories

Genres don’t matter to writer Ahmed Faiyaz. For him, it’s the story and how it evolves...

06 Feb 2019 2:30 AM

Ancient India saw desire as duty to self

Gurcharan Das’ book, Kama: The Riddle of Desire, argues that ancient Hindu civilisation saw desire as the source of action, creation and procreation.

06 Feb 2019 2:29 AM

Radha: Not only a rasika, but a rebel in love

The book, not surprisingly, begins with a comparison between Radha and Sita. Radha, like Sita, is also a manifestation of Lakshmi.

03 Feb 2019 8:10 AM