President Trump and his 6 pornstar conquests

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While Trump is definitely not the first president to date an actress, he is probably the only one to date adult film actresses.

While Trump is definitely not the first president to date an actress, he is probably the only one to date and/or court stars of such films like Saturday Night Beaver, Missionary Impossible. (Photo: AP)

Donald Trump completes a year in the White House, and while his first year celebrations commenced with the federal government shutting down at the stroke of midnight Friday, we look at how he fared elsewhere.

While Trump is definitely not the first president to date an actress, he is probably the only one to date and/or court stars of such films like Saturday Night Beaver, Missionary Impossible.

The year begins with a number of adult film actresses speaking about their amorous liaisons with the oldest person to be elected President of the US, with the latest being adult actress Stormy Daniels who told a magazine that in 2011 that she and The Donald enjoyed “generic, textbook sex” five years earlier. It was also claimed he paid her £94,000 to keep quiet about the alleged encounter.

Here are a string of Playboy starlets and porn stars Trump has been linked to over the years.

Victoria Zdrok: Made famous from such movies like Lesbians In Lust, For Your Ass Only, Soloerotica 9, Ukranian-born Victoria claims she went on several dates with Trump in the early-2000s.

Zdork, who is also a non-practicing lawyer and clinical psychologist however, claims that she did not sleep with him as she was put off by his constant bragging that he gave “the best orgasms”.

Victoria, 44, said Trump spent the entire time  telling tales of women who were all falling over themselves to date him. She added: “The other thing he talks about is what a great lover he is.

Anna Nicole Smith: The Playboy Playmate of the Year, 1993, the Texan went on to star in  her own reality TV series in 2002 but it was  her marriage to 89-year-old oil baron J Howard Marshall that won her global notoriety.

The pair met in a Houston strip club and she was just 26 when they tied the knot  in 1994. He died 14 months later.

Anna Nicole was rumoured to have dated Trump in the early Nineties and was frequently spotted by his side, above. They never publicly confirmed any relationship.

The model died of an accidental drug overdose at a Hollywood hotel in 2007. After her death, aged 39, Trump recalled their friendship on a radio show.

Trump would go on to say that she had the best hair he had ever seen.

Stormy Daniels: Star of such movies like Breast Side Story, The Da Vagina Code, Saturday Night Beaver, the President is alleged to have had an affair with Stormy Daniels in 2006.

Speaking with a lie-detector hooked to her on an interview in 2011, the porn star claimed they had “textbook generic sex” after meeting at a golf event in Nevada, below.  Stormy, 38, said: “We had really good banter.

His nickname for her was “honeybunch”.

Stormy said he did not use protection and added: “It was one position, what you would expect someone his age to do.” She was allegedly later  paid by Trump’s lawyers to keep quiet.

Karen McDougal: Playboy Playmate of the Year, 1998, the former nursery school teacher was “discovered” during a swimsuit competition in Indiana and became one of the most popular Playboy playmates of the Nineties.

Karen, who was runner-up of “the sexiest playmate of the decade”, reportedly received more than £100,000 from US tabloid The National Enquirer for a tell-all story about an alleged sexual encounter with Trump.

The incident supposedly took place in 2006 but the magazine never published the story. Rumours say that the Enquirer never intended to run the explosive interview but instead acquired it to keep the tale under wraps.

The deal between Karen, 46, and the media company means she would be fined for talking about the affair in another publication.

A friend of Karen’s told The Wall Street Journal that their affair lasted for ten months and the pair attended the Miss Universe Pageant at Trump’s invitation.

Alana Evans: Stripper-turned-porn-star Alana claims she was invited up to Trump’s hotel room along with Stormy in 2006. Alana, met him at the golf tournament in Nevada which some of her  fellow actresses attended.

She was repeatedly asked by Stormy to come and join her and Trump in his hotel room. After declining their initial invites, she was then subjected to a barrage of calls from both her friend and the then property mogul and Apprentice host. Tired of the persistent requests, Alana eventually switched off her phone.

Jessica Drake: The 11th woman to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct during his White House campaign, she also met the future president at the Nevada golf tournament  in 2006.

Jessica, from Texas, said he flirted with her then invited her for a walk across the golf course, where he asked for her number and invited her  to his room.

She went on to say that she did not feel right going alone so she asked two other women to accompany her.

Apparently as soon as they entered, he grabbed each of them tightly in a hug and kissed them.

Jessica claims Trump then offered her around £7,000 and use of his private plane if she would have sex with him but she declined.