Men want to impregnate their wives this week. Find out why!

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Ingenious tip is encouraging men to get their better halves pregnant for the love of football.

Some have even been cheeky enough to suggest that Prince William timed his third baby exactly because of this reason. (Photo: AFP)

It seems that men and their passion for football know no bounds! Men are being encouraged to knock their partners up this week for a very specific and amusing reason.

It turns out that if the cunning plan becomes successful, then the chequered ball loving men can get two weeks of paternity leave off during the 2018 World Cup.

Yes, if things go according to plan, the impregnated wife will deliver right about the time the world is soaked in some football fever!

As published by The Sun, according to The Manc post that was doing the rounds during the weekend on Facebook, they claimed “Heads up: If you get your misses pregnant in the next week, you can get two weeks off for paternity leave during the 2018 World Cup.”

And the funny suggestion sparked quite the social media storm.

One Facebook commenter said, “If you do shared parental leave you can even take a few months off to get over England’s inevitable failure.” With another going on to add that the remark was sure genius.

However, not everyone was quite as happy, as one Johnny Purkhardt posted, “That's two week of watching the World Cup with the volume on low, you can't drink too much because of the early morning get ups and whisper cheers when you team scores, fuck that, been there got the t shirt.” And another Renee Helliwell said, “But you will have a baby screaming through every game.”

In fact, some have even been cheeky enough to suggest that Prince William timed his third baby exactly because of that reason.

One Roxanne Hunt posted, “Kate Middleton is pregnant for the third time... does this mean William will get paternity leave for the world cup? He timed it right”

But others were quick to point out that watching England play might not be enough of an incentive to have a baby.