Balance your body’s chakras for a happy life

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These seven chakras are present in our body and take care of our physical, mental and spiritual health.

Following colour therapy and incorporating crystals in your daily life can help balance these chakras. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)

Keeping your chakras in balance is a crucial aspect of self-care and is instrumental for a positive life. This itself makes it worth learning more about. Chakras are seven spinning wheels of energy that are located  at the centre of your body. They are believed to exist by Hindu and Buddhist philosophy.

"Each [of the seven main] energy centres is associated with a specific organ, endocrine system, emotional reaction, and spiritual concern as an individual," said Omaria Tucker, a life-coach and Reiki master to Bustle. "When these energy centres are overactive or under-active, individuals can experience concerns in their daily life."

Physical and emotional symptoms manifest depending upon which chakra is out of balance. The symptoms can range between fatigue, anxiety and unwillingness to do work.  Each chakra is also connected to a particular element, colour and function. Each chakra represents a set of emotions that can drastically impact our radiance, health and overall success in life.

The root chakra, is the first chakra. It represents security, survival, as well as money. If this chakra is in imbalance, you could face money issues and even adrenal fatigue. This chakra is represented by the colour deep red.

The second is the sacral chakra. It represents sexuality and creativity. An imbalance of this chakra can make you struggle in your relationships and connections with inner and outer worlds. This chakra is denoted by an orangish red colour.

The solar plexus chakra is the third one. It controls your personal power and an imbalance can lead you to being confused about yourself. You will find it difficult to stand up for yourself and make your voice heard. This chakra is represented by colour yellow.

The heart charka, unsurprisingly, denotes love. When imbalanced, you will end up burning yourself out by pleasing everyone or you will be so closed off from affection that you will sabotage all further relationships. The heart chakra is denoted by the blue colour.

The throat chakra represents your voice. The imbalance will make you feel like a doormat in all your relationships, and someone who isn’t taken seriously. This chakra is purple.

The sixth, third eye chakra represents psychic sight. If in imbalance, it will make you feel disconnected from life. This is denoted by grey.

The crown chakra on the top of your head represents spiritual connection. You will feel disconnected from love and yourself if this is imbalanced. This is a multi-coloured chakra.

Following colour therapy and incorporating crystals in your daily life can help balance these chakras. "Each practice can be used individually or together to help you to become more balanced," Tucker says.

There are also a few chakra balancing meditations that can be followed. "Close your eyes and fix your awareness at the root chakra. Breathe deeply and visualize the root chakra expanding with each inhalation and contracting with each exhalation," said Kedar Nath, founder of The Yogi Press.