Here are diet trends you should follow for a better lifestyle

The Asian Age.  | Soumyabrata Gupta

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Dietician Jasleen Kaur shares how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by following the right kind of diet.

Kaur agrees that a Keto Diet and high protein diet is in trend to lose weight quickly.

A new study recently revealed that ketogenic diets could slow aging.

Researchers went on to add that following a low-carb, high fat eating diet may actually prevent age-related conditions such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s and even cancer.

The study further revealed that when the body lacks in carbohydrates, it releases a chemical known as β-hydroxybutyrate (βOHB), which protects cells from 'internal stress'.

While such studies are open to debates and interpretations, dietician Jasleen Kaur, Founder of Just Diet, talks to this correspondent on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by following the right kind of diet.

In a candid conversation, Kaur, who is actively working in the field of weight management and lifestyle disorders, says that nowadays people are getting more aware of healthy eating and lifestyle.

She adds, “People want to lose weight quickly these days by following a lot of low carbohydrate diet or a high protein diet these days.”

Kaur agrees that a Keto Diet and high protein diet is in trend to lose weight quickly.

However, the dietician who believes in a natural way of achieving a healthy lifestyle cautions against fad diets.

“I think fad diets are just a way to achieve a quick weight loss” she says, adding, “It doesn’t contribute to health gain. To avoid one food group completely and take one is not healthy.”

Kaur, on the other hand, stresses that one must follow a healthy lifestyle in which all food groups are included like lentils, vegetables, flatbreads etc. She further adds that physical activity for 30—40 minutes daily is of optimum importance.

One of the problems a person faces in their quest for a healthy lifestyle is in deciding upon the path. Talking about diets, Kaur says that it is always made or should be followed according to one person’s eating habits, medical issues, and lifestyle, and culture.

“There are certain key points to be considered while planning a diet plan and one must follow them. They should eat home cooked food and avoid sodium-rich food like packed edibles,” the dietician goes on to add.

She furthers says that the three most prevalent lifestyle disorders plaguing society right now include, among other things the lack of physical activity and sedentary lifestyle, which leads to obesity.

“Children as young as 6-10 years have medical issues and child obesity because of no physical activity and more of the laptop of iPad use,” she says, adding that women too are having thyroid and calcium deficiency because of irregular eating habits.

As for what are the five things a person should do everyday to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Kaur summarises,

"A lot of people come up to me and say I’ve become very health conscious these days, I skip lunch? But that's not healthy- in order to be healthy to skipping of meals."

She further adds:

  • It appears to me that most of us live to eat. Do we always eat because we are really hungry? Most people eat, out of boredom or when they are stressed.
  • Most people can’t wake up or when they open their eyes they need a cup of tea or coffee, frequent consumption of tea or coffee adds, further toxins to the body.  No tea or coffee empty stomach.
  • No elimination of carbohydrates from the diet. Don’t be dependent on one food group and eliminate another from the diet that will lead to only weight loss, not health gain.
  • Sleep pattern- to sleep and get up on time decides your work and eating habits in the whole day.