Indulging in afterplay post sex is necessary

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Afterplay helps partners build a better relationship emotionally and physically

Women take longer after sex and prefer intimacy rather than ending it abruptly like men mostly do. (Photo: Pixabay)

Focusing on sex and not foreplay was found to be a problem earlier but not many focus on afterplay post sex. It has been found that afterplay is as important as foreplay before sex because maintaining intimacy after sex is also important for women.

According to a report by The Health Site, there are five reasons why afterplay is important post sexual intercourse. One of the most primary reasons is that it creates stronger bonding between two people. The need for an emotional bonding is as necessary as physical bonding. Helping a woman to cool down is another reason as men can be quite quick to get back to normal but women take longer as they prefer to be cuddled after sex. It also helps you develop a healthy relationship as intimacy makes people talk about different things they haven’t told anybody else.

According to a research by the University of Kansas mentioned in the story, women love if there is good foreplay and afterplay is equally important which makes sex better. Afterplay also ends up helping make the next time a better experience than the last. Afterplay also makes way for better sex and increases the frequency of sex among two individuals or the couple too.