Five ways to ensure a budget-friendly e-shopping experience


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Most of shopping websites give an option for giving feedback for purchased products and rating them online.

So here we bring to you a list of to-dos to ensure a budgeted online shopping from the comfort of your homes:

New Delhi: As more and more customers are opting for online shopping over visiting a brick-and-mortar store there are instances where the customers might end up spending much higher than required on the basic items.

So here we bring to you a list of to-dos to ensure a budgeted online shopping from the comfort of your homes:

Price comparison and set alerts

The customers must visit alternative websites for a product to be able to compare the prices for the same commodity and then take a decision.

There are several dedicated websites for price comparison and browser extensions that give you a fair idea about the prices of products across several shopping portals.

In addition, you could also set up alerts for particular product prices.

Availing cash-backs and discount offers

Nowadays various shopping sites have a partnership with one or the other banks which offer cash-backs and discounts. Further, they provide additional cash-backs if the customers use the credit or debit cards of a particular bank.

In such a situation, the customers must check for the infamous 'terms and conditions' which shall state terms like minimum eligible purchase, maximum discount or cash-backs on the purchase of select items.

Further, in the case of a cash-back, the customer must know the minimum duration within which the amount will be credited.

Check for free delivery and priority delivery

Each E-shopping portal provides options for free delivery on certain products. The users shall carefully select the delivery options and choose the most viable delivery.

Further, there are also options for priority deliveries which guarantee you the delivery either the same day or the next day of placing an order.

Often, the online shopping sites mention the prime delivery options before the normal delivery thus enticing the customers towards the former option and hence burning your pockets.

Track online shopping history

Often the customers complain of over-spending and unnecessary shopping due to the ease of shopping and the enticing interface of the shopping websites.

Thus, you can use an app to track your spending or use a hashtag 'Online' or 'Shopping' to streamline your shopping ventures and help you keep a tab on your spending.

Follow product reviews

Most of the shopping websites give an option for giving feedback for the purchased products and rating them online. As a consumer one must check these reviews before buying a product. Though don't solely rely on these reviews as they could be misleading.

We hope that your next online shopping experience shall be more budgeted and wise.