EPFO introduces composite form for death cases


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New document that aims to reduce extra paper works replaces existing forms 20, 5-IF and 10-D.

EPFO is a retirement funds body.

New Delhi: Retirement fund body EPFO has introduced a composite claim form for their members in the case of death in order to reduce paperwork for dependants of the deceased.  The new document replaces existing forms 20, 5-IF and 10-D.

"... the central provident fund commissioner hereby prescribes composite claim form in death cases by replacing existing forms no. 20, 5-IF and 10-D. In the case of death of a member, the claimant may apply for claim of provident fund, insurance fund and monthly pension in this single form," an EPFO order stated.

On the purpose of the initiative, the order said, "The Employees' Provident Fund  Organisation (EPFO) has embarked on its next phase of e-governance reforms with a view to making its services available to all its stakeholders in a more
efficient and transparent manner."

Earlier last month, the EPFO had introduced composite claim forms (Aadhaar and non-Aadhaar) by replacing the erstwhile forms 19, 1OC and 31 to simplify the submission of claims by subscribers.

Besides, the EPFO last month did away with the practice of filing utlisation certificates for advances taken from PF accounts and allowed users to submit self-utlisation certificates.