Imran Khan's 2nd wife flees Pak after receiving threats of being blown up'

Anyone who talks about Imran now is going to be blown up.'

Islamabad: Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan’s third marriage which has been embroiled in controversies gets complicated still as, ex-wife Reham Khan claims that she had received death threats and has fled the country.

Soon after the announcement, Reham Khan alleged that Imran Khan was in a relationship with Bushra Watoo, his third wife, even while he was married to her.

She told the Times that she had received threats of being ‘blown up’ for speaking out against the PTI chairman, adding that Khan’s allies, who are looking to protect his political career had “told us . . . that anyone who talks about Imran now is going to be blown up.”

Reham who has a dual British-Pakistani citizenship has sought refuge in Britain where she is working on her autobiography.

She also raised speculations over Imran Khan’s political ambitions claiming that he was “very clear” that becoming prime minister an “end in itself for him”.

“He’s a sportsman, he has to bring in the trophy,” she said.

Reham slammed the marriage saying it reduced Khan’s chances of becoming a prime minister.

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