India poisoning atmosphere for bilateral talks: Chinese daily on Sikkim standoff

It also urged China to take further countermeasures along the 3,500-kilometer border and said.

Beijing: As the standoff between India and China over Doklam region in continues, Chinese media has said that New Delhi has poisoned the atmosphere for negotiations and this is likely to trigger all-out confrontation along Line of Actual Control (LAC).

“China doesn't fear going to war to safeguard its sovereignty and will make itself ready for a long-term confrontation,” a Chinese state-run daily Global Times said in an editorial.

The Chinese daily further claimed that India triggered the Sikkim standoff as it was worried about China’s growth. “One important reason that prompted India triggering the border dispute this time is its worry over China's development in recent years,” it said.

“New Delhi is deeply concerned with China's rapid rise and the provocation at the border reflects India's worry and attempt to sound out China,” it added.

In the editorial, the daily also warned India to be ready to “face the consequence of an all-out confrontation with China along the entire LAC” if it stirs up conflicts in several spots”.

It also urged China to take further countermeasures along the 3,500-kilometer border and said.

Responding to the Indian media reports of India deploying its troops at the border area with logistical support, Chinese daily said that China must continue strengthening border construction by deploying more troops in the Doklam area.

On Monday, state-run China Central Television reported that Chinese troops held advance military exercise near border area near Arunachal Pradesh. Anti-tank missiles, artilleries and tank were deployed during the 11-hour long drill.

Chinese media stated the standoff as a competition of military strength, as well as a competition of overall economic strength and called “India's action this time is a blatant infringement on China's sovereignty”.

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