Sikh man in US abused, called 'terrorist', eatery looted

When he came to work, the victim found 'terrorist' and the 'N' word written on the front wall.

San Francisco: In an alleged hate crime, a restaurant owned by a Sikh man in the US state of California has been targetted with abuses like "terrorist" and the "N" word written on its front wall.

CJ Singh, owner of Quiznos in Woodland, California said, "someone also unsuccessfully tried to light the business on fire and stole money I saved for donations. They even got away with the DVR for the surveillance cameras, likely to avoid getting caught."

On Monday, when he came to work, found "terrorist" and the "N" word written on the front wall. "This is, like, scary," he was quoted as saying by the

Woodland Mayor Pro Tem Enrique Fernandez said he is helping to fight back by distributing fliers throughout Woodland in an attempt to fight intolerance.

"We're eager to move forward and figure out ways to combat the hatred and the intolerance that's kind of resonated nationally from this most recent election," Fernandez said.

"We feel safe all the time, but after this incident, we feel concerned, it's not the first one, it's the second incident in two months," said Mike Gill, Singh's relative.

Singh said in late October, someone came into Quiznos, told him to "go back to his country" then thew a rock into the window, the report said.

He and his family are now shaken and upset but not angry at whoever insulted their faith.

"Anyone have problem with us, any question, they can come talk to us," Singh said.

Throughout the day, customers came in to eat at Quiznos to support Singh after hearing what happened. The community urges people to learn about the Sikh faith.

Over 200 incidents of hateful harassment and intimidation across the US have been reported since Donald Trump won the presidential election.

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