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  World   Americas  23 Dec 2017

World, Americas, 23 Dec 2017

As bitcoin rates fall overnight, experts warn public might suffer blows

After losses over the last few days, the digital currency fell as much as 30 per cent in Asia and website Coinbase suspended trading.

23 Dec 2017 6:08 PM

Former Trump campaign manager accused of ‘smacking’ singer’s bottom

Joy Villa said in an interview Friday that Corey Lewandowski ‘smacked’ her bottom after posing for a photo.

23 Dec 2017 5:49 PM

California fires largest in state history, kills 2, burns down 700 homes

By Thursday, most of the southern end of the fire also was surrounded and the last mandatory evacuation orders were called off.

23 Dec 2017 5:11 PM

US ambassador to Netherlands blames journo of 'fake news' about remarks made in 2015

‘It is an incorrect statement,’ says Hoekstra when asked about comments at 2015 event referring to ‘chaos’, ‘no-go zones’ in Netherlands.

23 Dec 2017 2:51 PM

US unlocks key to Afghanistan conflict: Air strikes as antidote to Taliban

Officials admit the US strategy is not without risk, and the longer it runs the more costs will accrue.

23 Dec 2017 2:12 PM


Trump’s travel ban will not apply to people with strong US ties: US appeals court

Since taking office in January, Trump has been struggling to enact a ban that passes court muster.

23 Dec 2017 1:44 PM

Miss America pageant fires CEO over misogynistic, slut-shaming e-mails

Dozens of former beauty queens demanded he step down over leaked emails that contained misogynistic, fat and slut-shaming language.

23 Dec 2017 12:52 PM

Trump delivers on Xmas promise, signs Republican tax bill

Trump signed the sweeping tax overhaul which represents the most drastic changes to the US tax code since 1986 into law.

23 Dec 2017 12:31 PM

Win for LGBTQ: Court rejects Trump’s bid to stop transgender military recruits

Four federal judges around the country have issued injunctions blocking Trump’s ban on transgender people from the military.

23 Dec 2017 12:10 PM

Ex-Marine arrested for plotting Christmas attack in US, inspired by ISIS

The suspect inadvertently revealed his plans to an undercover FBI agent mistaking him for a senior leader of the ISIS.

23 Dec 2017 11:36 AM


Trump-Putin ties in danger? US to provide Ukraine with lethal arms

US has provided Ukraine with support equipment and training, and has let private companies sell some small arms like rifles.

23 Dec 2017 11:09 AM

UN imposes new sanctions on N Korea over missile it claims can reach US

On November 29, Pyongyang launched an intercontinental ballistic missile which prompted the UN to impose new sanctions.

23 Dec 2017 9:30 AM