Samsung Galaxy S8 or Note 8: Which is a better buy?

While both are almost identical, they feature a lot more to distinguish themselves.

Smart devices, especially smart phones, are one of the most sought after products in today’s world. If you are looking forward to purchase a new smart phone you are bound to bombarded with choices.. Each smart phone comes equipped with a set of special features that make them unique. But with the increasing options of smart phones being introduced in the market, it is becoming more and more difficult to choose the one that you wish to buy. You can choose the smart phone that perfectly fits your bill by checking out mobile price list and comparing features online with stores like Amazon and Flipkart.

Among the many different options available in today’s market, the Samsung S8 and Note 8 are two of the most popular ones. Both the phones are amazing, thus making it a bit difficult to choose the better one.

What does Samsung S8 do better?

With a 4GB RAM and light weight body, this is one of the best phones by this brand. The image resolution along with the quality of the camera has grabbed the attention of many consumers. The brand has lived up to their advertised “camera quality” as well. Though when compared to the Note 8, it is a bit smaller, you will hardly notice the difference unless you keep them side by side. Another good reason to choose this over the Note 8 is that it is quite cheaper than the other, thus making it easier on the pockets. It also incorporates the latest trend of a fingerprint scanner.

What does Note 8 do better?

Though on the higher side, the Note 8 has managed to grab the attention of the smart phone lovers with the latest Snapdragon processor and large display screen. It boasts of a 6GB RAM, which is a great thing for people who plan on using the same phone for at least a few years. This too has a fingerprint scanner that is located exactly like that in the S8. In comparison the camera in the Note 8 is a tad bit better when compared to the latter, mainly because of the primary camera quality. The new S Pen, which comes along with the Note 8, is definitely a reason to consider when paying a big chunk of money for this device. You can check out the latest Samsung Note 8 price online to make your decision.

Which should you choose?

When you are considering the above phones, you need to keep in mind that each consumer has their own set of requirements. If you feel that the picture quality is of more importance that the user-friendliness of a phone then the Note 8 is a better option. But on the other hand, if you are restricted to a certain budget, then opting for the S8 is a better choice as you mainly get similar configurations.

Samsung has always been a brand that you can trust and thus these two phones have gained a lot of popularity as soon as they hit the shelves. So while you are planning on buying a new smart device, make sure to understand your requirements and then fix a budget, before you go ahead and make the choice!

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