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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 gets huge bad news blow

Published : May 27, 2019, 12:54 pm IST
Updated : May 27, 2019, 12:54 pm IST

Sources confirm that the upcoming Samsung flagship will be bad news for those looking to upgrade.

Apparerntly the Galaxy Note 10 looks worse in comparison to the Note 9.
 Apparerntly the Galaxy Note 10 looks worse in comparison to the Note 9.

With just a few months remaining till Samsung announce their upcoming smartphone, excitement is ramping up as leaks about the device have been gaining momentum. While we wait till Samsung officially announces its latest device, sources have now warned that those looking to upgrade shouldn’t be too excited since the rear of the device isn’t going to look all that great.

Independent tweets from Max Weinbach and Steve Hemmerstoffer have claimed that Samsung’s Galaxy S10 camera design isn’t all that it’s made out to be. Weinbach states, “I think the Note 10 Pro is going to look MUCH worse than people think with current concept designs. Like much much worse.” When he was cross-questioned regarding it, he goes on to add. “Dude you have no idea”. When asked to elaborate on the design of the Galaxy Note 10’s camera in comparison to the Galaxy S10 Hemmerstoffer adds. “It looks bad compared to #GalaxyNote9 rear camera design... IMO at least.”

A related report by Forbes states, “While the value of a smartphone is obviously more than what’s on the outside if both Weinbach and Hemmerstoffer are correct (and they usually are), this would be a badly timed error from Samsung. Why? Because Apple’s new iPhones will have an objectively awful camera design and this was Samsung’s chance to capitalise on Apple’s design monstrosity.

With that being said, the Galaxy Note 10 will still be a great handset as it will come with next-generation storage, upgraded RAM and will contain the fastest charging Samsung has ever managed to fit in a smartphone. Alongside this, there are also display enhancements that should manage to woo buyers.

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