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Forget iPhone 11; this is the beastly flagship smartphone you really need

Published : Aug 26, 2019, 8:17 am IST
Updated : Aug 26, 2019, 8:17 am IST

The iPhone 11 will launch in a few days; however, it’s better if you should skip it for this upcoming beast.

The camera on Galaxy S11 is expected to be revolutionary.
 The camera on Galaxy S11 is expected to be revolutionary.

The iPhone launch event is just around the corner and even though it hasn’t yet launched, it is facing stiff competition from a flagship model that’s due to be launched in the first quarter of 2020. The Samsung Galaxy S11 is half a year away from being unveiled but the leaks and a rumour are dropping fast and if you have plans to purchase the iPhone 11, then this is a friendly suggestion that you should look away now.

The latest bit of information comes via the ever reliant @IceUniverse who claims that the Galaxy S11 has already arrived in the research and development stage and with it, we get a clear indication of what to expect when the smartphone that’s described as “a new beginning” will feature.


Let’s first start with the codename of the Samsung Galaxy S11. The South Korean tech giant has given away the main focus of the upcoming handset with its leaked codename — Picasso. The brand has started naming its devices after famous artists and they had selected Da Vinci for the highly sought after Galaxy Note 10. Also, Picasso has always been considered to be a revolutionary painter known for his incredible use of colour; so, with this, we can infer that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will be a revolutionary device.

The camera on Galaxy S11 is expected to be revolutionary as the brand will be using a brand new rear camera module where you can expect the colour in images to absolutely pop. For years and right down to the Note 10, Samsung has been using the same 12MP sensor that was first seen on the Galaxy S7 that launched in 2016. Due to this outdated sensor, the handsets fell behind the likes of Apple, Google and Huawei. So, with the Galaxy S11, you can expect Samsung to be at the top of its game.


The design will get an overhaul as well. Just as the Galaxy Note 10 came with a class-leading screen-to-body ratio, the S11 is expected to push this even more by further shrinking the front camera. However, it won’t be hidden under the display until the 2021 Samsung Galaxy S12. The handset is also widely tipped to feature a high 90Hz/120Hz display that has taken the smartphone world by storm this year.

Performance is another area that Samsung will focus on with the S11 and it will most likely beat the Apple iPhone 11 hands-down as it will employ a new Snapdragon 865 processor. Samsung is also believed to be adding an all-new RAM which will blow the S10 and Note 10 away. 5G will be available as well; so, it is all but guaranteed that Samsung will have a Galaxy S11 5G model that will feature some major upgrades.


Samsung is pushing the battery capabilities of its handsets and we saw them add speedy 45W charging on the Note 10. We can expect this handset to come with the same fast-charging tech at the least. Also, rumours surrounding Samsung working on a graphene battery are also floating around; so, it is not out of the question that the S11 will come sporting it.

As per a related report by Forbes, “But perhaps the biggest upside to the Galaxy S11 is the competition it will face. Apple’s 2020 iPhones have already been extensively leaked and we know Apple is throwing the kitchen sink at them with brand new design, ProMotion displays, 3D cameras, a long-awaited move to USB-C and 5G in every model. 


So yes, Samsung is going to bring its A-Game with the Galaxy S11 it has no other choice.”

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