Hospitals using KONE elevators to get free sensor-enabled technology to minimise breakdowns

The cloud-based solution collects data on equipment performance, identifies deviations and alerts technicians immediately.

Chennai: Elevator maker KONE India is offering free cloud technology to keep critical sites such as hospitals operational in the time of crisis.

KONE Elevators India, a subsidiary of KONE Corporation, said the 24x7 Connected Services is an intelligent elevator and escalator service that monitors its equipment round-the-clock. The technology can predict problems and take action before a breakdown, ensuring less equipment downtime and fewer faults.

It is being offered to existing KONE hospital clients for free for a period of six months.

The company said it is absolutely critical that elevators or escalators run smoothly without any setbacks. The 24x7 Connected Services is a cloud-based solution using sensors which collects data on equipment performance and powerful analytics to identify deviations. Using the latest technology, the elevators and escalators identify the need for maintenance and alert the technician immediately.

This would ensure uninterrupted flow of movement of medical staff, patients, and families at medical facilities.

“KONE’s cutting-edge 24x7 Connected Services now available for free to current customers who operate medical facilities,” company MD Amit Gossain said.

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