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  Technology   In Other news  27 Jun 2020  Some professionals have more Instagram followers than movie stars, here's five of them

Some professionals have more Instagram followers than movie stars, here's five of them

Published : Jun 27, 2020, 7:07 pm IST
Updated : Jun 27, 2020, 7:07 pm IST

These 'influencers', who offer more than just pretty pictures, are the rage on the social media platform

Freddy Birdy, a bar and restaurant designer, is also an artist and adman.
 Freddy Birdy, a bar and restaurant designer, is also an artist and adman.

Movie stars are no longer in high demand. At least not on Instagram. Fed up with following flippant accounts where actors post glam images, youngsters are seeking new icons. That’s why they are following successful professionals, who offer them more than just pretty pictures.  Today, the new age insta gurus are experts, who have excelled in their chosen fields and command respect in the virtual world. These are people who are not just passionate about their craft but share their knowledge too. That’s why their well-earned blue tick marks are a symbol of their authenticity for their followers.

We zoom in on five top professional Instagram accounts in India.


Samyukta Nair

Food and Fashion Entrepreneur

She is the co-founder of Jamavar and Bombay Bustle and founder of Clove and Dandelion

Insta debut: 2010

Followers: 88.3 k (Sonam Kapoor, Sandeep Khosla, Poorna Patel amongst others)

USP factor: It offers a very personal viewpoint on everything I love from food, travel and design. It includes my friends, family and everyday inspiration that I draw from and value immensely.  Proactive mantra: With the creative community, it only helps foster closer relationships with like-minded professionals as I’ve experienced at my restaurants.  Non-filmi accounts: Following someone that inspires you or you can learn from in my opinion only helps foster positive human interaction and increase our sense of belonging within a larger community.


Troll alert: Knowing that you can’t please everyone makes for a good starting point and once you’ve made peace with that you can only grow from strength to strength.

Vinita Chaitanya

She is the founder of Prism Interiors

Insta Debut: 2016

Followers: 29.9 k (Deepika Padukone, Shaleena Nathani, Manoviraj Khosla amongst others)

USP factor: I like to mix up my posts, don’t want to post on work every day. That is not just who I am. I get a lot of DMs from youngsters asking for guidance on various subjects, when you reach out to somebody, it makes a difference.

Proactive mantra: It is quite helpful. Some of my clients have found me through Instagram.  Today, one of the largest projects that I am doing is courtesy this. Of course, they do a lot of research once they find your account interesting. But there is that connect that works.


Non-filmi accounts: I think people are looking for authentic pages but there is still a lot of interaction on my account especially in the last three months. I feel they look to you when they know your page is authentic and look for guidance when they feel they can respect the person they can see behind the page.

Troll alert: I block them. It happens often. It is not trolls but silly comments, or too much interaction. I don’t want this kind of followers. I don’t care about losing these followers.

Deepika Mehta

Ashtanga yoga teacher

Insta debut: 2015/16

Followers: 212.k (Alia Bhatt, Kriti Sanon, Sonam Kapoor amongst others)


USP factor: I have always been attracted to the artistic aspect of yoga besides the spiritual and health benefits. It’s a great medium for artistic expression but you will have to ask my followers why!

Proactive mantra: I didn’t really start off being in Instagram to promote yoga but yes, I have definitely had a lot of people reaching out to me ever since I got on Instagram.

Non-filmi accounts: I guess they are looking to get inspired by real people they can relate to. When who you really are resonates with people, it makes them connect and that’s what I guess works finally.

Freddy Birdy

Bar and restaurant designer; artist and adman


Insta debut: 2018

Followers: 46.5k (Karan Johar, Neetu Kapoor and Shweta Bachchan amongst others)

USP factor: I write from my heart, I like to write spontaneously, just as I think, without worrying too much about how my words might appear.

Proactive mantra: I joined Insta to promote my paintings and my art. But everyone seemed to love the words more, so I just let the art part be.

Non-filmi accounts: I think for something different. Something more personal. Something totally non glamorous. And something totally heartfelt. Something they can relate to, rather than blindly adore.

Troll alert: That’s why God and Instagram invented the Block button. Say a rude word and you will be blocked. I have no patience for negative people. Or fools. Or Kartik Aryan fans.


Ashiesh Shah

Architect and visual thinker’

He is the founder of Ashiesh Shah Architecture + Design

Insta debut: 2016

Followers: 70.8k (Sheetal Mafatlal, Kalyani Saha, Amrita Arora amongst others)

USP factor: Art is very important for me because my inspirations come from art. It is an assemblage of intriguing objects of art and design. It has been a natural progression being a patron of the arts and a practitioner of architecture.

Proactive mantra: Whilst the spaces I create are experiential, Instagram is a medium of collaboration bringing together the design industry across the globe facilitating conversation and contribution through a digital connection.


Non-filmi accounts: ‘Unique content’ - people steer towards pages that either create conversation or foster a learning.

Troll Alert: None so far

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