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  Technology   In Other news  26 Nov 2019  What India's first data monetization platform runs on

What India's first data monetization platform runs on

Published : Nov 26, 2019, 6:22 pm IST
Updated : Nov 27, 2019, 11:23 am IST

An interview with founder Sunish Kumar, sheds light on its services providing more targeted advertising & digital content based on user data

The broad categories of theservices offered are related to digital marketing, content & brand solutions, audience consortium, customer relationship management and ad representation.
 The broad categories of theservices offered are related to digital marketing, content & brand solutions, audience consortium, customer relationship management and ad representation.

Unicorn Tech Media, a marketing firm for data and media monetization, helps analyze customer behaviour data to boost services and product performance.

In an interview, founder Mr. Sunish Kumar takes us through the finer points of the business.


1) What is UTM is all about & future of UTM?

Unicorn Tech Media (UTM) is among the fastest growing digital advertising solutions company for Media and Data monetization. Incubated in 2018, its vision is to create the largest audience ecosystem integral to digital communication. With a mission to build logical advertising & communications ecosystem ensuring true value for all partners & stakeholders, UTM is your one stop solution for all marketing needs.

Providing a wide gamut of services to the partners ranging from content solutions to ad representation to targeted campaigns on their website, UTM has been expanding their business. Among the prominent data partners with us are 91Mobiles, Pricebaba, Killerfeatures, Holidify & College dunia.


Unicorn Tech Media offers efficient solutions on digital advertising, data and content monetization. The broad categories of services offered are related to digital marketing, content & brand solutions, audience consortium, customer relationship management and ad representation.

At UTM, we create stories and striking content on digital platforms to reach your audience. From identifying your target group to creating and planning your digital marketing strategy to curating content for you based on which social media to work on, UTM does it all.

With the shift from contextual buying to audience buying, there is an urgent need to realize the importance of the audience on your platform. Audience buying will directly allow you to monetize your audience segments based on a broad range of historical data. It means that if you leverage the power of your audience and make it available to advertisers, they’ll want to buy from you.


We're India's first core data monetization platform focused on making this monetization possible for you through transparent reporting and satisfactory results.

2) What is First Party Data Exchange? What role UTM is playing in it?

First party data is the information you collect directly from your audience or customers. It includes:

-Data from behaviors, actions or interests demonstrated across your website(s) or app(s)

-Data you have in your CRM

-Subscription data

-Social data

-It can also include non-online information such as completed surveys, customer feedback and other customer information stored in your CRM database.


First-party data is one of the most valuable kinds of data that companies can collect and leverage. Companies can use it to learn more about their current audience’s interests, preferences, characteristics and behaviors. They can then use this information to predict future customer behavior, improve their targeting, enhance their marketing campaigns and personalize their content. Some of the qualities that make first-party data so valuable are its:

Relevance: Your first-party data is highly relevant to your business because it comes straight from your audience. It gives you insight into how your actual customers and site visitors behave and what their preferences are.


Accuracy: You minimize the distance between the source of the data and your company, which minimizes the opportunities for errors to occur. It’s also easy to verify the accuracy of first party-data in many cases because you collected it first-hand and facilitated the transactions yourself.

Availability: First-party data is also often readily available to businesses. In many cases, the information is already in a system such as a point-of-sale or CRM system, or it can be easily collected through a data management platform (DMP). You just need to determine how to access it, organize it and put it to use. Customers leave behind valuable information every time they visit your website.


Cost-effectiveness: There are some costs associated with collecting and managing your data, but you don’t have to purchase it, unlike second-party and third-party. Not using your first-party data is like leaving money on the table.The low cost and high quality of first-party data result in a high return on your investment.

UTM is India’s 1st party private data exchange. We have deterministic behavior cookies. Over 30 mn* mau’s. Category focused audience buckets

4) How secure is the data?

As the world’s leading independent Data Management Platform (DMP), Lotame serves as an important partner to many enterprises, and takes seriously its role as a protector of the data that companies entrust to us. To that end, we have outlined below some background information for Lotame’s systems and processes.


Authentication – All access to the platform is protected through passwords that require meeting minimum complexity standards. Passwords are salted and hashed prior to storage, such that no client passwords are retrievable by anyone, including Lotame personnel.

Authorization – The platform utilizes a multi-layered authorization framework to ensure access is provided only as needed while maximizing flexibility. Users are granted Roles, and Roles aggregate one or more Permissions. Permissions in turn protect granular access to UI screens or individual fields on those screens, and API operations. Permissions are enforced both within the UI to optimize the user experience and in the API to guarantee operations are only performed as granted


Data Access – All client data is logically encoded with ownership information, and all data export points must validate ownership against permission sets prior to exposing the data. Clients control visibility of their data to their users and partners.

Data Context – At rest, client data in Lotame systems is encoded with Lotame-specific identifiers that have no meaning outside of the context of the Lotame DMP. Any bulk data breach would therefore not expose valuable client information, as the metadata required to derive meaning is encoded within the Lotame DMP.

Data Transport – Transport of data in and out of the platform utilizes encrypted transport protocols to protect the data in transit, including SSL for user interactions with the API and UI, SSL for interaction with consumer devices, and SSL and SSH for customer and partner server to server integrations.


5) How important is the concept of data monetization.

Monetizing data is a catalyst for a growing number of brands to pivot toward becoming a leader in data-driven principles. Additionally, data monetization creates a new revenue stream for brands not in the data business. This new revenue can be invested how the company chooses, to reduce overall general expense or in additional data capabilities that improve insights for actions that increase top line sales.

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