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  Technology   In Other news  25 Sep 2019  Interview with Indyro Global CEO: Our product is 30% more economical than average

Interview with Indyro Global CEO: Our product is 30% more economical than average

Published : Sep 25, 2019, 4:03 pm IST
Updated : Sep 25, 2019, 7:48 pm IST

Rohan Kumar of Indyro Globals, an interior technology start-up talks about his company, its products & their future plans in this interview.

The company's first product 'Power Plus' launched recently, which it says would be a lot cheaper and more convenient than other electrical wiring solutions.
 The company's first product 'Power Plus' launched recently, which it says would be a lot cheaper and more convenient than other electrical wiring solutions.

Rohan Kumar, CEO of Indyro Global a new start up which is trying to come up with solutions of interior technology talks about his experiences, as well as future plans for the start up in this interview.

How the idea did come into conception? How long did it take to plan and undertake this venture?

Flexible Power Outlets is a two-decade-old industry. However before, the power limit of electrical appliances and devices was less and moreover, they were static. This was the prime reason why it wasn't successful. The current electrical market situation has made the need for flexible power outlet systems much more pressing along with the need to being dynamic. Our design has been made in its simplest form to give optimum efficiency. It displays a dynamic capability of recycling and also improves the efficiency of electrical transmission. Through this product, we plan to introduce a concept of interior technology in India, which views electricity holistically and tries to optimize and aesthetically enhance every aspect that falls in between the ‘earth, live, neutral’ triad in electrical products.

My journey started in September of 2015, and I have worked with a lot of people in the last four years. Initially, I felt clueless and everything seemed a chaotic mess however, slowly and surely as I trudged along I found my footing. It just happened to be that I met with the right people under the right circumstances and everything sort of just fell into place. With 'Power Plus' it is possibly the first case where technology is being sold by length in meters and sockets are being sold in pieces. We have also enhanced our product design and pricing policy to make Power Plus extremely viable. Previously if a customer needed to buy 10 metres of our first model it would have cost them around Rs 16,000, and thus was not a smart buy from the customers perspective. But now at an affordable price of Rs 2,500 for the same length, it can give a major challenge to the existing conventional electrical installation framework.

From where did the company receive funding?

A lot of assets are from the various businesses we did for the past four years over multiple companies. My family too invested to keep the dream of 'Indyro Global' alive.

What type of innovation can a customer expect from Indyro Global?

We have introduced the Interior Technology domain in India, and customers can expect sustained innovation that views electrical installations, frameworks and mechanisms from a completely new perspective to enhance their efficiency, utility and aesthetic appeal, among other dimensions.  

What is the target market for Indyro Global?

We aim to reach out to new-age entrepreneurs, innovators, and decision-makers in corporate, electrical companies, private as well as government enterprises. Whoever is seeking efficiency in the way they consume power, is a potential target audience for Indyro global. 

Tell us the USP of the product. How economical is the product?

The product can have up to 30 devices connected to it, at a time through universal sockets. These can also be individually carried by users to be easily plugged in across Power Plus tracks installed anywhere, we have never seen such flexibility in power consumption ever before! Additionally, Power Plus does not need any major renovation, rewiring or breaking down walls and can easily fit into existing electrical frameworks, resulting in a 30 per cent savings on electrical installation. Furthermore, the power track is also heat and spill-proof. Currently, when you feel the need of installing a socket at one of the walls of a room, you need to break the wall and draw a line to the desired point or you will have an extension cord deployed. There will be the cost of fabrication involved which will include grating, conduits, labour, breaking and then the gang box, faceplate, socket and switches, to complete the installation. The second case is extremely limited in its scope. With the track, you just have to screw it to the wall and connect a line into the track, which you can then extend or connect at different angles.

Let's take a commercial example of desk spaces and connected desk spaces. The average cost of installation per desk is about Rs 3,000. This, for an average length of 3ft or 1m, and let’s assume you have 10 desks lined up, then our commercial track would cost you less at Rs 2100, per desk and thus our product will be 30 per cent more economical than the average installation!

What are the plans of Indyro Global?

We want to focus on aggressively marketing our product and achieving significant sales figures. We want to associate with electrical companies and provide employment to various artists who believe that technology can be integrated with art.

What will be the key focus areas?

Interior spaces, architecture, electrical consultancy, renovations of dilapidated heritage buildings and old structures. Along with this, we will also focus on improving the existing electrical framework of commercial spaces such as railway stations, airport, and large commercial areas.

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