Diwali with PUBG brings in-game collectibles and rewards for lucky winners

Lucky Winners stand a chance of winning a TVS Apache Bike, Oppo Phones, Boat Headphones, Gold Coins, Silver Coins, and PUBGM T-shirts.

This Diwali, come celebrate with PUBG Mobile and win exciting rewards, ranging from in-game items to physical rewards such as TVS Apache Bike, Oppo Phones ,Gold coins, Silvers coins and Boat Headphones etc. Starting 17th October 2019, ‘Diwali Dhamaka Event’ brings much excitement and is specially designed for the Indian gaming community.

During the event period, players need to complete daily missions to collect ‘Diwali Sparklers’, which can be used to ‘Burst Crackers’. Bursting the crackers, players can get ‘Gift Tokens’, which can be redeemed for exclusive in-game items. The event will have three levels and each level will have fixed numbers of ‘Gift Tokens’, hidden in a set of 25 crackers. Players can move to the next level after they collect all the gift tokens at the current level.

Once players collect all the Gift Tokens hidden in all three levels, they will get a Diwali special in-game item for free and few lucky winners will also stand a chance to win physical rewards / exclusive merchandise like TVS Apache Bike, Oppo Phones, Gold Coins, and more.

Here is a detailed list of rewards up for grabs during the Diwali Dhamaka Event:

Redeemable Rewards:

These rewards can be exchanged for the gift tokens collected by Bursting Crackers - Kurta Pajama Set, Cricket Costume, Future Policewoman set, Lobster Set, AWM/M416 gun skins, Crate Coupons, etc.

Exclusive Reward:

These can be collected once the player completes all the levels during the event - M416 Gun skin or exclusive Diwali costume.

Lucky Rewards:

Lucky Winners will be chosen out of the players who have completed all the levels - TVS Apache Bike, Oppo Phones, Boat Headphones, Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Level 3 Backpack, PUBGM T-shirts, PUBGM Cap

This Diwali Dhamaka event is for a limited time period, ending on 4th November 2019. So make the best of it, team up with your friends and stand a chance to win some exciting rewards.

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