Twitter might be testing a way to let you untag from threads

The Verge obtained a screenshot of a new 'leave this conversation' feature

Washington: Twitter might be testing a way to untag for users who do not wish to be part of a thread.

The Verge obtained a screenshot of a new "leave this conversation" feature, according to which, the feature would untag your username from a Twitter conversation, preventing people from mentioning you in the conversation again, and stop you from receiving notifications about it.

The feature looks different from "mute this conversation," an existing option that turns off notifications for a thread you're mentioned in.

According to a follow-up tweet, leaving the conversation will make your Twitter handle appear as plain text in the tweet where you're mentioned, rather than the hyperlink someone would normally see if they tap your Twitter handle. That could add friction that discourages other users from pulling you into ancillary conversations and signals that you're not interested in participating.

Twitter has steadily introduced subtle ways to control how other users engage with your account. That includes tweaks that simplify existing options like forcing a user to unfollow you, as well as limits to replies and notifications when an account with lots of followers has retweeted you. This feature would fall on the more dramatic end of the spectrum -- but also add option lots of users might appreciate when tagged in an irritating thread.

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