Designing infused with tech is now a reality!

The latest creations have taken the element of technology to a whole new level while infusing it with craft.

Haute couturier Julien Fournie is one of few designers who is attempting to give fashion a whole new list altogether. Accessories created from 3D printers and sketches developed virtually is the latest twist the designer has been working on. But his high-tech approach is barely noticeable in his latest Asian-inspired collection.

The designer said, “New technology isn’t about doing dresses with blinking lights. We realized that in fashion, technology is only interesting when it disappears.”

For his couture house - a small team of seven has resorted to designing their pieces online, right from conceiving looks to exchanging samples with textile suppliers virtually.

The designer is experimenting with iPad designs earned him a visit last year from Apple CEO Tim Cook, who came to see how the tools were being used. He is also collaborating with French 3D engineering and software company Dassault Systemes to develop management systems and printing techniques adapted to the fashion world.

Fournie has other ventures up his sleeve with technology start-ups, and he said he had designed a soon-to-be unveiled USB stick meant to store and protect cryptocurrencies.

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