LIKE App introduces Augmented Reality (AR) Body Shaping Feature Shaping Magic'

The company claims to be the first to introduce Shape modification feature.

LIKE App, a short video platform and mobile app with body recognition special effects, has recently introduced the first augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) feature called ‘Shaping Magic’ globally. Expanding its reach to more LIKE users, the new feature is available for free enabling video creators to effortlessly modify the shape and form of body features from head to toe. The recent addition has lead LIKE app to top in the trending applications of the Apple store.

It is the first time a company has developed a body shaping feature globally. With various entertainment mobile apps available in India that offer multiple face modification features, these apps are very popular among the youth who like to experiment with their photos/videos. LIKE’s Shaping Magic is designed to not only leverage this trend but to also offer a much more advanced feature for youth to experiment with. Based on AI Technology, Shaping Magic feature is an innovation in video application field.

The effect is entirely customisable by the end users because it enables users to adjust the degree to which their body outline/parts are modified and also re-shape individual body elements. In other words, the LIKE users can adjust their body silhouette individually. Hence, it helps in creating the perfect video by their own definition of beauty – which they control.

Such video platform and special effects app with cutting-edge technology including AI, AR and independently innovated body recognition enhances users to create videos of their favourite heroic / fiction characters comparable to movies.

Some of the unique special effects in LIKE app include:

Super Power – Augmented reality effect based on skeleton tracking and classification technology, empowering creators to add supernatural effects that match body movement

4D Magic – AI-powered body movement tracking paired with image editing and special effects processing that allows for interchangeable, dynamic backgrounds that can accommodate multiple people in a video

Music Magic – Identifies background music while accurately matching special effects to any sound, enabling users to express emotions freely by choosing different themes

Dynamic Stickers – Applies face-detection and tracking technology to enable dozens of unique and active overlays in users’ videos, such as costumes, masks and more.

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