Dell aids Indian businesses to unlock their Data Capital with its OneFS updates

OneFS 8.2.1 will help organisations to modernize their storage infrastructure to support their digital journey.

Today, Indian enterprises are handling more unstructured data every day due to the influx of cloud-native applications and new-age technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, etc. According to a study, Global Data Protection Index, conducted by Dell Technologies in partnership with Vanson Bourne, India has witnessed an increase in the amount of data managed from 2.79 petabytes (PB) in 2016 to 6.43PB in 2018. Hence, to manage this data explosion, organisations across industries need to look for a storage infrastructure that provides massive scalability, flexibility, efficiency and reduces cost.

Therefore, to help businesses maximize their data capital and business value of their unstructured data, Dell Technologies has upgraded its industry-leading Isilon portfolio by making advancements to its OneFS storage operating system - OneFS 8.2.1. Some of the key features of this new update include:

  • Reduce Data Centre Footprint- The new update would reduce the dependency on data centre footprint and optimize the storage resources, by delivering hardware-based data reduction features of in-line compression and in-line deduplication on F810 all-flash platform
  • Modernize Storage Infrastructure- To provide additional support to an organisation’s IT transformation goals, OneFS 8.2.1 would help in modernizing its storage infrastructure
  • Greater usable capacity- With hardware-accelerated in-line compression and deduplication capabilities, Isilon solutions powered by OneFS 8.2.1 would provide up to 140% greater usable capacity, depending on the workload
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