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Never search for these 12 things on Google

Published : Nov 11, 2019, 10:52 am IST
Updated : Nov 11, 2019, 10:52 am IST

A breakdown of the most casual things that you should never search for on the world’s most popular search engine.

There are some bad threat actors who have the ability to exploit these searches which could put you in harm’s way. (Photo: New York Post)
 There are some bad threat actors who have the ability to exploit these searches which could put you in harm’s way. (Photo: New York Post)

Google has become our one-stop destination for getting quick access to all our queries no matter how mundane or important them may be. In most circumstances, Google is a very useful tool; however, there are some bad threat actors who have the ability to exploit these searches which could put you in harm’s way. Here is a look at the 12 most important things that should never be searched on Google.

customer care

Customer care numbers

Online scams are a dime a dozen and searching for contact numbers of companies may land you in some hot water. Fraudsters or bad threat actors sometimes post fraudulent listings of customer care numbers to make trick those who are searching for this information. People mistakenly believe this information is accurate and get scammed in the process.

online banking

Online banking websites

Google is filled with fake banking websites and searching for them may land you in trouble. We implore you not to search for online banking information on Google unless if you have the correct URL. A related report by Gadgets Now states “Always, enter the official URL of your bank’s online banking portal to access site to stay safe. This is because chances of phishing increasing drastically in which you might enter your bank’s login ID and password on a website that may just look like the bank’s official website and could be a phishing site instead.”


Apps or Software

Malware in a prevalent issue that seems to be getting stronger as time goes by. With this in mind, downloading apps or softwares from Google may lead to malware being installed on your smartphone or computer. It is always advisable to download apps through the official Google Play Store or iOS App Store. For computers, download softwares from URLs that you are familiar with to avoid malware being installed.



Buying medication on Google has become rather common in recent years. Although Google is a great place to get to know about medical symptoms, it is very important that you skip the search engine and head on over to an actual doctor to get information about any illness you have.

weight loss

Weight loss tips

Everyone wants to lose weight and Google is filled with tips and tricks how this can be done. But in the same vein as how it is unsafe to purchase medicines from Google; it is also not advisable to search for quick hacks to lose weight. If you desperately want to lose weight, then go to a dietician or seek advice from medical personnel for the same. There are no quick-fix methods for weight loss, and Google really won’t be of much help.


Stock markets or financial advice

Personal finance is always a hot topic and there are several websites offering solutions how and what’s the best way to financial freedom. However, like health, some of these websites on Google are fraudulent so it is best to stay off the search engine with this query.

Government websites

Government websites

Reports are keeping on surfacing how government domains such as municipality tax, public hospitals, etc are prime areas for scammers. This makes it extremely tough to search for official websites. So, like banking websites, if you know the exact URL, it is best avoiding Google for this search.

social media

Avoid logging into social media sites through Google

Phishing is all too common nowadays and with social media traction at its peak, logging in through Google may be a bit risky. So, it is advisable to go to the site directly instead of logging in through Google.

shopping offers

Shopping offers

Google is absolutely flooded with false webpages with offers on e-Commerce platforms. A major scam that has been going around for years is luring unsuspecting individuals to click on these bogus offers. This allows bad threat actors to steal your personal information including your name, password and banking details.


Anti-virus apps

There are countless fake products out there that claim to be free anti-virus apps. However, it is best to get a paid service from a reputed brand instead of going through a lesser known one which may steal your personal information.

coupon codes

Coupon codes

Like online shopping offers, searching for coupon codes is quite risky as well. By searching for this, you may be led to a fake website which could be selling fake coupons at a low cost but in the process steal your banking information.



Google isn’t the world’s biggest search engine; it is also the world’s largest advertising platform. If you search for porn on Google, a related ad may pop up on a normal website you visit later on. That’s why it is always advisable never to search for porn or anything else that may embarrass you as you may get unwanted porn-related Google ads that are based on your browsing history when you are at professional environments like an office.

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