Faster Android Wear updates to be delivered via PlayStore

The idea is to deliver new features to users faster than before.

In a move to boost the less popular Android Wear platform, Google has announced the rollout of small updates and patches to supported wearables via the Google PlayStore. This strategy was also adopted for Android a few years ago and has delivered positive results for the Search giant since then.

Hoi Lam, a moderator on Android Wear Developers channel, has stated that updates and new features to the Android Wear platform will be rolled out to users through the Google PlayStore. The major intention is to deliver new features to the supported devices so that users don’t have to wait for an incremental OTA update to enjoy the improvements.

The post mentions that Google has already rolled out such an update via the PlayStore last week that included third-party chat app support in Contacts, reduce accidental entry into the watch face picker and improve PlayStore discoverability for new users apart from several other features and bug fixes.


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