Apple may bring this important tool for iOS users

The official launch is projected to take place later today at WWDC.

No one saw this coming, but Apple is reportedly in works to bring a file manager on iOS, according to a new placeholder in the App Store which was spotted recently.

File managers have been here for a long time on rival platform Android, but Apple not only has no app offering such an app on iOS, but Apple also blocks third-party solutions from access restricted areas of the operating system, citing security as the main reason.

Which means, iPhone users have been blocked from saving anything else than photos and videos on their devices, through some apps created a sandbox where additional files like documents could also be stored, but only available through respective app.

Now starting with iOS 11 however, Apple might finally lift a few restrictions in the operating system and the Files app could be the file manager that provides users with more control over their files. But it is already known, that iOS users wont’ enjoy the same freedom as those on Android, so expect the app to still arrive with a number of limitations.

The placeholder that was first spotted by Steve T-S doesn’t provide any information and the description only reads “Files App for iOS,” alongside a series of screenshots that are not available. The listing, however, reveals that Files will work on both iPhones and iPads.

However it is most likely that files will be offered as a system app in iOS 11, and the reason for posting it in the App Store is that this way users can remove it and re-install it at a later time should they change their mind. The Activity app has also been spotted in the App Store, so iOS 11 could allow users to remove it, a thing that’s not possible right now and which is rather annoying for those not using an Apple Watch.

The official launch of the Files app is projected to take place later today at WWDC, where Apple is also expected to preview iOS 11 and to reveal more about its overhauled hardware strategy.

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