Movie searching made better by Google

Google will release this update for iOS platform soon.

Going to the movies this weekend? Google has just made your life better. Google Search is not incorporated with a movie searching feature that will help users find the movies playing in cinema halls around his location. This feature now makes it easier for users to make plans while they are on the go.

When deciding what movie to watch, one usually considers the movie itself along with the showtimes and theatre options. For example, you would search for the name of the movie and hunt for a theatre playing that movie around you. Or searching for a nearby theatre and then check what’s playing. With the latest update rolled out by Google, you can now quickly compare movies by the factors you care most about—ratings, showtimes, theater location and more—all from the same view. And just as before, you can also easily buy your tickets in advance— a click on a showtime to purchase a ticket and you’re done.

Additionally, if you have a favorite theater, you can check out what’s playing by location, and narrow your search with filters too.

To try this out, search for “showtimes,” “movies” or movie times in your city such as “Vasant Kunj showtimes.” The search will result in listing all the current movies playing around Vasant Kunj in New Delhi.

This feature is available on Google Search in mobile browsers and in the Google app for Android. The update is live in the US and in India in both Hindi and English. Google will release this update for iOS platform soon.

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