IAN-backed SP robotic works launches coding for young learners using drones

Designed by leading academicians, psychologists, and tech experts, the curriculum focuses on imparting advanced coding skills.

IAN portfolio company SP Robotic Works, a specialized edutainment company for students from age 7 to 17, has rolled out yet another winner course – DRONES. It is an introduction to the art of coding with fun using drones. Designed by leading academicians, psychologists, and tech experts, the curriculum focuses on imparting advanced coding skills while enhancing the problem-solving skills as well as logical and lateral thinking of children. Students will also get to work with Drones produced by SP Robotic Works’ official partner DJI, the world's largest manufacturer and one of the leading balancing-tech players of drones.

Drones are fast emerging as one of the critical tools guiding the world towards a tech-driven future – along with being a key characteristic feature of this automated, digital-first world. Even today, innovations in automation – of which drones are key – have begun revolutionizing the way various business operations are conducted across industries. Drone-enabled taxi service, for instance, is already an emergent trend in the global transportation landscape. In logistics, drones will soon take over tasks such as last-mile delivery. Furthermore, large scale integration of this technology into agriculture can unlock higher yields, optimum crop health, and better monitoring ability for farmers.

In light of such relevance – which is only going to gain prominence in the coming years – it is no wonder that parents are increasingly seeking to enroll their children into hi-tech courses such as the Drone technology.

Interested learners can access the 16-hour-long course either online, which enables them to learn at their own pace, or at the company’s centres called SP Robotics Maker Lab, spread across more than 80 locations in India. The centre is equipped with SP Robotic Works’ AI-powered smart class system and the students can choose to come two hours per week or more, depending on their availability . The Smart Class system ensures the facilitation of highly personalized as well as top-quality learning to every child, in a way which is aligned with an individual’s learning sensibilities and preferences. In addition, a learner can hold a live one-on-one interaction session with tech experts to quench any and all doubts.

Offered at Rs 6,000, the course has been met with an enthusiastic response. Over 500 learners across India have already enrolled for the course since its launch 2 months ago. As a testament to the efficacy of the course, students have already created prototypes and projects with high usability in domains such as security and agriculture.

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