This gadget can chill your beer from room temperature to ice-cold in a minute

This 500-rpm BlueQuench Qooler is about to appear on Indiegogo and can help you through this sweltering summer.

When going out on camping trips, an irritating part about carrying beers is that even though they are kept in thermoses, they tend to still get a bit warm. BlueQuench is aiming to solve this issue by launching Qooler on Indiegogo and this brand means business. The Qooler is for those who want nothing but ice-cold beers in the shortest possible time and we can’t wait for it to launch fast enough.

So, how does BlueQuench’s Qooler manage to chill a can of beer in just 60 seconds? The magic used here is nothing but rotations. The Qooler spins bottles and cans at 500 rpm and as NewAtlas reports, it churns the ice water to expose said cans/bottles to fresh coldness at significantly higher rates than when they are just sitting idle. This causes heat to get carried away at a rapid pace and BlueQuench states that’s the spinning motion of the Qooler doesn’t froth up the drinks when you open them.

So what’s the catch? To get this to function optimally, you will need to carry some ice. Actually, quite a lot of it. The Qooler works only if placed in an ice container, sink or tub. With its compact size and adjustable leg height, Qooler can fit into ice chests that have an inside dimension of at least 19x10-inches. No ice chest? A galvanised or plastic tub works well too, as does the kitchen sink. Qooler runs on a 20V rechargeable battery, which can cool 5-10 cases of canned beverages on a single charge (depending on quench time). Or plug it into an outlet for continuous use.

Lastly, whether you need a little cooling or a lot, prefer glass bottles or cans, Qooler can be easily set for different cycle times. The user interface is very intuitive and simple to navigate.

For those interested in purchasing BlueQuench’s Qooler, it will go on sale from May 1 on Indigogo for USD 349 which is about Rs 24,200 or USD 479 (Rs 33,200) when it becomes a mass produced product.

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