Now access over 350 radio stations with Alexa in India

It is as simple as saying Alexa, what radio stations do you have to get started.

Listening to music is one of the most popular features on Alexa. Users of Amazon Echo and other Alexa built-in devices love the convenience of asking Alexa for music with simple voice commands. In addition to streaming music from services such as Prime Music, Gaana, Saavn and Hungama Music, Alexa also provides access to over 350 radio stations across popular genres.

It is as simple as saying “Alexa, what radio stations do you have” to get started.

You can listen to a live broadcast of 17 All India Radio stations in 14 Indian languages. For example: All India Radio – Vividh Bharati, FM Gold, and Tamil. Radio City has 14 Alexa skills ranging from Radio City Sufi to Bollywood Mix and Deepam. With the Radio One skill you can listen to their three live stations from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

With TuneIn and myTuner you can listen to hundreds of radio stations from India and across the world. Be it music from BBC Radio 2 or international sports updates from ESPN Radio and BBC Radio 5 Live. For listening to radio stations with English music just say: "Alexa, open BBC radio 5 live from TuneIn". The options are sure to wow you.

This World Radio Day embark on a journey of exploring different radio channels on your Echo Device. Here are some interesting radio skills from India that you can enjoy anytime. While TuneIn is enabled by default, make sure to enable the rest from the skills section in your Alexa app or by visiting the Alexa Skills Store at

Groove to Bollywood songs with Alexa

When it comes to the catchy songs that evokes many emotions, nothing can match up to Bollywood songs. Alexa brings perfectly curated radio skills for all the Bollywood lovers out there. Tune in and enjoy listening to Indie-Pop, popular Bollywood compositions and groove to some quirky beats and tracks from India’s leading FM Channels. Just say:

“Alexa, open All India Radio Vividh Bharati”

“Alexa, open Radio City Bollywood mix”

"Alexa, ask Gaana to play Radio Mirchi top 20”

Remember the golden days with Alexa

Radio evokes the kind of nostalgia that triggers the memories ranging from, vivid to vague, listening to songs, short plays and infotainment. Remember the childhood days when we used to spend time listening to old Bollywood classics with family! Alexa brings to you iconic radio skills that will help you revisit the good old days and get you nostalgic. Just say:

“Alexa, open All India Radio - F.M. Gold”

“Alexa, play Radio City Gold”

"Alexa, ask Gaana to play Purani Jeans”

Get closer to legendary classics with Alexa

Indian musicians and vocalists have stirred many hearts with their soothing voice and soulful creations. Alexa brings to you radio skills dedicated to India’s greatest and influential singers. Enjoy listening to evergreen classics by India’s legendary singers. Just say:

“Alexa, start Lata Mangeshkar Radio”

“Alexa, open Asha Bhosle Radio”

“Alexa, play Mohammed Rafi Radio”

Go on a spiritual journey with Alexa

Devotion plays an important role in our upbringing and defines who we become as we grow up. Alexa brings eternal spiritual experiences for all users through simple voice commands. Listen to bhajans, chants, meditations and inspirational wisdom talks by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Just say:

“Alexa, play Radio City bhakti sangeet”

“Alexa, start Radio City Saibaba Radio”

“Alexa, start Art of Living radio”

“Alexa, open Radio City Faith”

Play your Desi Jam with Alexa

Regional music reflects the rich diversity of Indian culture. Each state has its own popular and particular style of music. Alexa allows you to stream music from regional radio stations and listen to the songs in you preferred languages. Just say:

“Alexa, open All India Radio Bangla”

“Alexa, play Mana Radio Entertainment”

“Alexa, play Radio City Tamil”

“Alexa, play All India Radio Marathi”

“Alexa, open All India Radio Assamese”

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