Five quirky gadgets you didn't know even existed

With boffins across the world toiling themselves 24 x 7, innovative devices come up almost every day.

Technology has silently crept into our lives over the past few years and made us dependent on it. It not only makes our lives overly easier but it is also just another way of making us lazy. From smartphones to voice-assisted home appliances, most of the technological inventions have become an inseparable part of our daily routine.

However, with boffins across the world toiling themselves 24 x 7, innovative devices come up almost every day. And, some of them, along with being useful, are quite bizarre in nature and here are five of them we have come across.

Pavlok smoke-quitting wristband

Not only a large number of people smoke, many of them even struggle to quit the deadly habit. In case you are serious about the thought of quitting cigarettes, the Pavlok wristband might help you, tad painfully though.

The sensors integrated into the Pavlok wristband detect whenever you are smoking and gives a good dose of 150 volts of electric shock. With that kind of torture, you’ll surely throw every cigarette you light or, in some cases, the wristband itself.

Modius headband for losing weight

Cardio workouts and jogging were the only limited ways of losing weight but with the induction of accessories such as Modius headband, burning fat has become easier than ever.

The working mechanism of Modius headband involves neuroscience as it manages to make your brain believe that you are less hungry by stimulating the hypothalamus. It’s been developed by British neuroscientist Jason McKeown. As the creator explains, the device tweaks the property of our body to maintain constant weight which helps in reducing it with time.

Sumnox robotic pillow

For various reasons, many people find it difficult to sleep alone and need someone to be around. They either need a person to cuddle or someone to sing soothing songs for helping them fall asleep. The Sumnox pillow is what such people should embrace while they are struggling to get a good night sleep. Apart from hugging it, one can intake comforting lullabies and can feel a human’s presence as it also makes breathing sound.

Looking at the significance of sleep in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, Sumnox sounds like a weird yet handy device.

Selfie toaster by Vermont

If posting selfies on Instagram and Facebook has become too mainstream for you now, how about getting your selfie inscribed on your toasts? Yes, that’s possible.

Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation makes such toasters on orders which will churn out every toast with your face carved on it. Wouldn’t it attract more attention in public than a newly launched premium smartphone?

NASA’s Zeno acne banishing device

While we know NASA for innovations in space and satellite sector, their researchers have also rolled out such jaw-dropping devices which assist in getting rid of acne and pimple. Developed in collaboration with Tyrell, the Zeno gadget not only destroys acne and pimples but it also kills the bacteria which are the root cause of them.

What sounds like a useful device, especially for women, has also won various awards and certification from FDA.


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