Microsoft Surface Laptops now available at a discounted price

The Surface Laptop and Surface Book 2 now also have lesser specs.

Microsoft is now aiming to increase its sales by making Surface laptop and Surface Book available, which come with lesser specs, for a mere price of $799. The base model was available for $999 and the current rate at which these devices are currently available are a part of Microsoft’s discount offer.

The Surface laptop has an extremely sleek body. And this device has recorded the highest sales among college students who can conveniently carry the laptop around. Blessed with a long battery life, it comes with 4GB RAM, 128GB storage and Windows 10 S, which can allow apps which have to be downloaded for the Microsoft store only. Priced at $799 currently, an upgraded OS to Windows 10 Pro comes only at a price of $49 more.

Coming to the Surface Book 2, which is an alternate for a PC convertible. There are two variants in this model – while the cheaper model, which comes at a price of $1,199 (now has a $300 discount), has 128GB of storage and the 256GB storage is available in the $1,499 model. It has an Intel Core i5 processor but the model is bulky and thus proves to be inconvenient to be carried around and people have thus been using it as a hybrid desktop device.

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