ZaK: Need different selection process for national players

Feels they should not be placed in the auction to give younger players a better chance to earn more money.

Zaheer Khan has spent a huge chunk of his domestic career swinging the ball for Mumbai, including his stints with Indian Premier League side Mumbai Indians. Now he has returned to local cricket as mentor to T20 Mumbai League side SoBo Supersonics.

The former left-arm pacer has pointed out that the league organisers should have a different selection process for players who have played for the national side. Zak feels that they should not be placed in the auction to allow a better chance to the younger players to earn more money.

“In this league, for the first couple of seasons there will be some issues and team problems, but you have to keep evolving. I feel that the players, who have played for the Indian cricket team, shouldn’t have gone in the auction. You have to deal with certain players in a certain manner which I’m sure the Mumbai Cricket Association and league organisers will take notice for the future,” says the fast bowler.

“This tournament will provide a good opportunity for youngsters. We have someone like Abhishek Nayar who is a great leader and whatever role I can play, I will. For any team, you need to cultivate a culture. Win and loss is part of the game. Our aim is to create a squad in such a way,” he adds.

In his time with Mumbai, Zaheer lifted four Ranji Trophy titles. He was the part of a dominant side in contrast to the current out-of-place outfit that went trophy-less this calendar year. More than not winning a trophy, the side never looked like challengers. Zaheer says the Mumbai’s domination won’t end so soon.

Mumbai cricket’s domination hasn’t gone anywhere, the Ranji trophies speak for it. The expectations are a lot from the team. You have Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, Dhawal Kulkarni Suryakumar Yadav and Shreyas Iyer. You have such top class individuals. I don’t see any reason for any criticism of the team. The structure might not be perfect but the talent is amazing,” asserts Zak.

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