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135th Day Of Lockdown

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  Sports   Cricket  11 May 2020  MS Dhoni’s new look shocks fans

MS Dhoni’s new look shocks fans

Published : May 11, 2020, 6:42 pm IST
Updated : May 11, 2020, 6:42 pm IST

Former Team India captain’s salt-and-pepper-bearded look that makes him look old, sent Twitter into a frenzy

MS Dhoni with daughter Ziva
 MS Dhoni with daughter Ziva

A recent post on M.S. Dhoni’s daughter Ziva’s account, which is managed by her parents, a video shows India’s most experienced Indian wicketkeeper and batsman enjoying quality father-daughter moments with Ziva.

In the video, the duo seem to be running a friendly race on their large, well-mowed and primly tended-to lawn at his Ranchi home.


And then began the relentless posts of the Captain Cool’s ‘latest looks’ of him with a full-grown salt-and-pepper beard, wearing a green T-shirt with the words “SPECIAL FORCES AIRBORNE” on it, standing

However, former Team Blues captain’s latest grey-bearded look seems to have disappointed many of his fans, sending Twitter into a frenzy. Some seem to have simply seen him as an unshaven, old man! “Aww... M. S Dhoni in Salt And Pepper Look... :-)) ?? (sic),” a CSK fan wrote.

In addition to comments highlighting disappointments were memes that showed “before and after” photos of Captain Cool.

One fan, for instance, posted two of Dhoni’s pictures. One was of his when he arrived in Chennai for the practice games of the now-called-off IPL matches sometime last month, seen clean-shaven with a close-crop crew-cut haircut. The second picture was a recent one of him in which he is seen.


One such meme had the caption, “Dhoni before lockdown vs after lockdown. March month he arrived Chennai with a fresh look & we would hve seen him in #Yellove now But corona had other idea & Ruined everything ????.”

Another CSK fan posted his recent pic and wrote against it, “How the men looks after carrying the entire burden and blame for past 10 years..!  This pic is very emotional msdians.. (sic).”

Another supposedly shaken fan wrote, “Dhoni looks so old.. (sic).”

Mother knows best


Even as people have been sharing sad emojis and wondering about their favourite cricketer’s cricketing plans (and there are indeed speculations about his retirement), his mother, Devaki, seems far from worried.


Speaking exclusively on the telephone from Ranchi, Devaki tells us, “Yes, I have seen his new look, but he’s not that old. No child is ever old for any mother.”

As for our apprehensions about his quitting the game, she adds, “I am not sure about his playing the TT-20 World Cup. He knows best when to take a call. Let the coronavirus outbreak get over first.”

Of course, there were compliments pouring in for the look too. “Vintage white beard look,” one fan wrote with the fire emoji next to it.

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