Reflections of the Republic

It has been a long and an eventful 63-year-long journey since we became an independent republic promising liberty, equality, justice and fraternity.

It has been a long and an eventful 63-year-long journey since we became an independent republic promising liberty, equality, justice and fraternity. The last three decades have given a new connotation to these principles. The nineties saw the emergence of a new order and a liberalised and open economy, ready to take on the challenges of a global market place. The millennium decade was marked by the liberalisation of the social fabric, where there were evolving roles and relationships. There was a new 18 till I die senior who was game for Make My Trip holidays and investment opportunities that let him go on a Singapore or a Goa trip. The new-age GenY Indian was looking at off-beat pursuits as a wild life photographer rather than a staid IITian; His relationships had moved beyond family to FB friends, kyonki haar ek dost zaroori hota hai. And the current decade marks the liberalisation of the aam aadmi, who is well and truly awake to the true meaning of his right to justice, equality and liberty. Accountability and not acceptance is the new creed of the Indian republican as he demands this from his chosen representatives managing the governance of this great democratic country. There are three nuances to this reflective Indian: Re-energised Indian: The new-age Indian could be living in any city of India but he is no longer the subjugated, humble soul of yesterday. He is the innovative and experimental “Unstoppable Indian”. As he stands upright and fearless, you can’t help but exclaim — ziddi hai toofan hai, dil mein Hindustan hai, yeh zid isse bahut door le jayegi. This self-assured Indian could be a small-town Pujara or a Dilli wala Virat Kohli, they are ready for any challenge. And it is not only the men, it is the “Woman of Attitude” who is also complementing with spunk, as she changes a flat tyre on a lonely terrain with ease and proclaims chalana hi nahin sambhalana bhi jantti hai. This new decisiveness is clear when one considers the new mindset that is analytical and valiant as he takes on politicians and Godmen to task for words and deeds that are against human and national sentiments. Yeh public hai babu . aur yeh jo public hai wo sab jantti hai, pahchanti hai. Responsible Indian: This Indian is radically different in another sense. If yesterday was about waking up the corrupt politicians and official babus with a series of jago re campaign. This jagruk is also looking inwards and believes that the chhoti pattiyan of the Tata tea is to do the chhote kaam. So he does not get accolade by his wife for going to vote but gets reprimanded for teen log ek bike par, traffic rules kaun follow karega mister Thus, if one truly wants to build a revolution then one needs to cognise that desh ubal raha hai, soch badlo. And this manus has woken up, which is why rather than use the money from a dropped wallet to party; he travels miles to return the lost wallet, by tracking the owner in a remote monastery with his Android Samsung. Desh smart ban raha hai bandhu! So whether it is the greedy netaji or the prospective bridegroom, this alert Indian does not need the Ceat radial tyres, as he definitely states na ji na, kahan rukna hai pata hai. Related Indian: Another peculiar phenomena of this 21st century Indian is that he has moved away from the larger family systems to nuclear units, but his bonding with his fellow compatriots is like the Fevicol ka jod, jo tutega nahin. So if the lady from Mumbai wins paanch crore at KBC we all celebrate with, kuch mitha ho jaye Whether it is Assam, Tamil Nadu, Kolkata or Punjab, young men on motorbikes, old ladies making rangolis or chhotu cleaning up at the dhaba, we all sing in unison, “you are my pumkin pumkin, hello hunny bunny”. What a connection and what an idea sirji! One cannot but salute the force of the social media and the telecom service providers who have provided a medium for connecting and raising a unified voice. Thus, whether it is seeking justice for an unfortunate victim or as a nation taking a decision not to celebrate the New Year for a nameless, faceless young girl who is no more, this Indian is totally in harmony across class and creed for the Bharat ki beti. Thus, whether it is the governance or the erstwhile marketer, the one who gets access to this revitalised Hindustani is the one who does not make paper promises of aap ke saath, aap ke liye but delivers the republican pledge that is of the people, by the people, for the people.

Prof. Neena Sondhi is professor, marketing, International Management Institute, New Delhi

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