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Mystic Mantra: Live a little wild and come alive!

Amrit Sadhana is in the management team of Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune. She facilitates meditation workshops around the country and abroad.
Published : Jul 30, 2018, 12:20 am IST
Updated : Jul 30, 2018, 2:00 am IST

The Osho lifestyle is called wild but it is not a negative attribute, rather it is Osho’s most positive contribution to human civilisation.

Osho Rajneesh
 Osho Rajneesh

Only a whirlwind of consciousness like Osho can ask: what’s wrong in being wild? Never before in the history of humanity was meditation associated with wildness. And never before in this world, civilised humans desperately needed to shed their conditioning and let the repressed emotions erupt like a volcano as they need today.

The Osho lifestyle is called wild but it is not a negative attribute, rather it is Osho’s most positive contribution to human civilisation. For in his view, “Getting wild is not dangerous but to be too much civilised may be dangerous... And in a better world, with more understanding about human nature, we will keep a balance between civilisation and wildness. Life is joy only when you live it raw when you live it in all its wildness when you live it naturally, spontaneously. Yes, there are bound to be difficulties, there are bound to be dangers, but they are part of life, and without them, life will not be life at all. And this is the only way to master yourself.”

The meditations and therapies that he has created are all revolutionary, deeply purging and strange in appearance because revolution and wildness were never linked with the spiritual. When his famous Dynamic Meditation hit the floor the onlookers were horrified. But meditators had a blast as they became totally wild when they released their repressed unconscious, breathed chaotically, danced abundantly and shouted the primal sound, “Hoo!” The meditators were feeling centuries of weight unburdened. The energy that was encaged in the old controlled way of living had to be unleashed through meditations. Osho saw that there have been many revolutions in the world: social, economic, political and religious. But one revolution that could change the entire human being was missing: the individual revolution.

When every person changes himself/herself from within the sum total of humanity will change. And there is only one way to change oneself: meditation. Not the old passive, controlled way of sitting still, but actively using the body, blasting the unconscious and releasing the energy lying dormant there down the ages.

Osho gave a clarion call to all those who were fed up of the old morality, and exploitation in the name of religions. He sensed that the vast collective unconscious was yearning for freedom from the past. And yes, he encouraged people to be wild. But what does he mean by wildness? His message is clear, “If your wildness is not destructive to anybody, it is perfectly religious. If your wildness is just your expression of your freedom and it is not in interference with anybody else’s freedom. If it is not a trespass on anybody else’s life, it is perfectly good.”

We have become too civilised. When someone becomes too civilised they become plastic. Just see, the wild rose-flower has a beauty — may not be as permanent as the plastic flower, by the evening it may be gone, gone forever, but still it is alive. The wild animals have a radiance; an aliveness unlike the tamed animals in the zoo. So live a little wild and come alive!

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