Mystic Mantra: Getting anger under control

Whenever you are angry, just sit with your legs crossed and take deep breaths.

Are you quick to pick up fights? Do small things make your temper rise? Are you angry all the time? If yes, then you are moving towards slow destruction of body and mind.

Anger and other hyper emotions increase the metabolic rate of the cell and dry up the fluidity of the body, as a result the body ages very fast.

When the metabolic rate shoots up, it results in a faster pulse rate and rapid breathing. These are also the symptoms of a person who is dying.

Anger is often accompanied by hypertension, which weakens the muscles of the heart. Clairvoyantly it is seen as weakening of mooladhar chakra, corresponding to the location of base of spine.

Just relax and rub your hands together to warm them up and slowly bring them together at your mooladhar chakra. You’ll feel some tingling at the tips of your fingers.

If the chakra is weak then you will feel nothing and your hands will come together without any resistance. If it’s strong, you’ll feel pulsations and resistance as your hands try to come near each other.

The basic reason for the mool chakra becoming weak is hyperactivity which exhausts the vital prana.

Don’t forget that prana is limited. The cells of your body cannot be recharged. You can only spend it and hyperactivity ensures you spend it fast. If you want to conserve it, then stop getting angry. I detail here combination of Ayurveda and specific yogic kriyas to manage your anger.

One of the easiest remedies to anger is sugarcane. Just have two to three glasses of sugarcane juice throughout the day and it immediately has the effect of relieving you of anger. You may also consume rose sherbet, provided it is prepared from organic roses. Let us now look at some simple movements from Sanatan Kriya to cool down your anger.

Whenever you are angry, just sit with your legs crossed and take deep breaths. Place your hands near your chest with the palms facing outward and with one deep exhalation, push the air in front with your palms, using the force of shoulders.

Let the movement be short, do not stretch out your arms completely. Repeat this at least seven times.Next, raise your arms and bring them down rapidly as if you are pulling a rope. Exhale heavily as you clench your hands and bring them down. Now, bring your hands together in front of your chest and spread them out laterally to push sideways while exhaling heavily.

As you perform these movements, imagine you are doing this to the person who was the cause of your anger. Within a few minutes, your anger will disappear and you will be as calm as a sea. These simple techniques could help us regain composure and not react violently to any provocation whatsoever.

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