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Mystic Mantra: Meditation to awaken the inner fire

The writer, editor of Osho World, is the author of Mindfulness: The Master Key
Published : Jan 6, 2020, 2:37 am IST
Updated : Jan 6, 2020, 2:37 am IST

Most of the people living in such harsh weather learn this technique from the Tibetan yogis.


Recently, in December last year and January this year, we saw that New Delhi and most parts of north India were reeling under the cold wave. This bone-chilling cold was really unbearable for the people who are used to all kinds of comforts of city life. One may wonder how ordinary people living in Kashmir or Tibet or the other Himalayan villages survive the coldest weather and they seem to look so happy that they would like to continue living in their Himalayan regions.

One writer, Jessica Bush, wrote in her article that in a remote Buddhist monastery in northern India, a group of monks sit calmly, lightly dressed and unaffected by the shockingly low temperatures of their surroundings. They are then draped with ice-cold, wet sheets of fabric. In conditions that would not only cause the average person to shiver uncontrollably, but could even result in death, the monks remain unperturbed. If that’s not amazing enough, the wet sheets soon begin to steam, and after approximately one hour, are even completely dry.

This is something incredible — one cannot imagine that this is possible. What is the secret? The secret is that the lamas use a certain method of yoga known as G-Tummo.

Most of the people living in such harsh weather learn this technique from the Tibetan yogis. Besides creating body heat, it works wonders on the psychological level also: It purifies the inner heart of all sins and awakens the consciousness. G-Tummo is basically a certain way of breathing: Inhale strongly and quickly through your nose, expanding your entire torso and arching your spine while opening up your chest. Then, exhale forcefully through your open but rounded lips at half the speed of the inhale, while you hug your abdominal muscles to your core centre. Osho tells us that within us there are two kinds of energies — the sun and the moon energy. He says: Indian yoga divides man into two parts: the sun part and the moon part. Even one breath is known as the sun breath and another breath is known as the moon breath. And one of the deeper findings is that if you stop the moon breath, and just breathe through the breath that is known as the sun breath, your body will become hot. And such great heat can be created, simply by using only one kind of breath, that it seems inconceivable in physiological terms.

Osho introduced dynamic meditation of vigorous and chaotic breathing for the modern man to get in touch with his inner fire. This meditation creates heat that makes people physically fit and burns the inner impurities if we do it sincerely.

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