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  Opinion   Edit  17 Mar 2022

Opinion, Edit, 17 Mar 2022

AA Edit | Hope marries pragmatism as Punjab rings in AAP 2.0

AAP, with two states under its belt, has in a way surpassed all other regional parties, which could not manage this feat

17 Mar 2022 11:30 PM

AA Edit | Zelenskyy: Comedian to hero

Zelenskyy’s speeches exhorting his troops and his fellow citizens to resist the invasion have made him a folk hero

17 Mar 2022 11:09 PM

AA Edit | Here comes the EV revolution

EVs should be seen not only as an earth-friendly choice, but it is also beneficial to both environment and nation

17 Mar 2022 2:00 AM

AA Edit | Amidst Lanka crisis, give Colombo a helping hand

With the Cabinet deciding to cross the Lakshman Rekha, the country is negotiating with the IMF now

17 Mar 2022 1:32 AM