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  Opinion   Edit  07 Oct 2018  Kavanaugh nod at what cost?

Kavanaugh nod at what cost?

Published : Oct 8, 2018, 12:05 am IST
Updated : Oct 8, 2018, 12:05 am IST

There was far more to this bitter battle that shook up America than a conservative judge joining the top court.

Brett Kavanaugh (Photo: AP)
 Brett Kavanaugh (Photo: AP)

Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as a judge of the US Supreme Court for life even as allegations had been aired that he sexually assaulted women three decades ago. Strenuously denying the significant charge brought by Dr Christine Balsey Ford in emotional outbursts before the Senate, the rightwing judge invited derision over whether he was emotionally and temperamentally fit for the high chair. His nomination and subsequent 50-48 Senate vote, with one Democratic Senator too plumping for him, garnered the attention of the world just as it raised very serious issues concerning the very foundation of life in modern society.  

There was far more to this bitter battle that shook up America than a conservative judge joining the top court. At times, it seemed even more important than the presidential election. Dr. Ford’s testimony presented uncorroborated evidence of sexual assault and the FBI cleared Kavanaugh after a hasty investigation. The issue, however, goes beyond prosecutable evidence and into the very heart of what is the truth and whether men in the glaring spotlight can pass such a test. The judge passed the Capitol Hill test, but did USA pass the true democracy test?

The greatness of USA as a democratic leader, despite its record in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. is it distinguishes itself with relentless introspection, besides investigation and inquiries into issues small and great. And the process of such a crucial nomination was held most transparently. There is nothing authoritarian about this nomination, which is to serve a larger political aim as Kavanaugh is set to tilt the balance between the conservatives and the liberals in the Supreme Court for decades to come. The ongoing #Metoo movement had claimed a prominent victim in veteran entertainer Bill Cosby but not Kavanaugh. It does appear the value of equality has been diluted in this charade.

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