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  Opinion   Columnists  19 Jan 2024

Opinion, Columns, 19 Jan 2024

Farrukh Dhondy | Bombay as the City of Gold… Is the BBC docu on right track?

BBC's Mumbai Documentary Offers Tourist's View, Lacks Deeper Insight into the City's Complexities

19 Jan 2024 10:58 PM

Sunanda K. Datta-Ray | Will temple fervour lead to a ‘re-discovery’ of India?

Inauguration of Ram Mandir Raises Concerns about India's Secular Fabric: Navigating the Balance Between Faith and Governance

19 Jan 2024 10:44 PM

Suman Bhattacharjea | Mapping girls’ route from school to work

ASER 2023 reveals a gender gap in digital skills among Indian youth, emphasising the need for improved technology access and self-confidence

19 Jan 2024 1:57 AM

Dilip Cherian | Will waterways boss be next MP chief secy? But it’s still uncertain

Within MP’s babu circles, murmurs suggest that his recall may be tied to a potential appointment as the next chief secretary of the state.

19 Jan 2024 1:30 AM