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  Opinion   Columnists  05 Mar 2021

Opinion, Columns, 05 Mar 2021

Lekha Shankar | Thailand’s 2nd annual cannabis expo begins today

This year, the expo covers the use of ganja (cannabis) and ganchong (hemp) in various industries, including textiles, food and cosmetics

05 Mar 2021 4:32 PM

Dilip Cherian | Diplomatic pool to get eight new joint secys soon

It is a known fact that India’s foreign service is woefully understaffed, with most Indian missions abroad having too few diplomats

05 Mar 2021 7:37 AM

Karan Thapar | The tragedy of Suu Kyi: Almost Shakespearean

So, like Shakespeare’s tragic heroes, she may well ask if the price she paid for achieving her ambition was worth it?

05 Mar 2021 7:31 AM