Childhood friends create condoms for women

Farah Kabir and Sarah Welsh create condoms that promise to put female sexual pleasure at forefront.

Most of the condoms that are available nowadays, from the flavoured to the scented, ribbed or glow-in-the dark seem to have been created with men and their sexual experience in mind. Now a new brand of condoms created by women and for women promises to have been made keeping their experiences in mind.

The product, Hanzx, created by school friends Farah Kabir, a financier and Sarah Welsh, a 28-year-old doctor aims to create condoms that are unlike the garish packets of male condom on offer.

Taking to MailOnline’s Femail, Farah said that usually when women walk down the condom aisle, there’s so many options for men that one never knows what is right for here. The business partners, who met at school in York before attending Durham University together, conducted a survey and used the results to inform their design specifications.

According to the duo, the product pays special attention to sensitivity in order to increase the sensations felt by women and their sexual partners.

According to Farah, the product uses the finest ultra-thin vegan, 100 per cent natural and fair-trade latex for maximum sensitivity.

This latex blend also removes the distinctive smell which puts some women off using condoms during sex. Instead the product has a 'clean' scent, Farah said.

The entrepreneurs hope their product will also empower more women to buy and carry condoms.

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