Chennai women start community fridge to feed the hungry

A community in Chennai is helping serve those unfortunate.

A community fridge in Chennai is making a big difference to those in need of a helping hand.

The concept was the idea of Dr. Issa Fathima Jasmine, an orthodontist who believes a massive amount of food in India is going to waste.

Dr Jasmine told NDTV that a large portion of the population can be fed instead of throwing out what we eat in the garbage. It reportedly cost her Rs.50,000 to set up the fridge.

The fridge that is located in Elliot's beach has been a huge success since its launch on August 20.

People of all ages have donated foods like fruits and sandwiches. One restaurant even donated biryani, NDTV reported.

Those people in need can take whatever they want, no questions asked. A little spot near the fridge is also set for people to donate clothes, books, shoes and toys for the many that cannot afford such items.

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