Brit centenarian becomes oldest skydiver in the world

He skydived at the age of 101 and 38 days over Devon in UK

Jumping off an airplane to skydive is quite scary for many of us and it takes a lot of guts to even do it. A Brit man recently became the oldest person to skydive and he has entered the record books for his feat which is incredible.

According to a media report, British war veteran Verdun Hayes entered the record books at the age of 101 and 38 days by skydiving over Devon in UK. The record was previously held by a Canadian at 101 years and 3 days but now that seems to be a record of the past. The great-grandfather is the oldest tandem skydiver to have jumped from plane at 15,000 feet after having skydived last year at 100 to become the oldest in UK.

Interestingly, his 16-year-old great-grandson Stanley is the youngest skydiver in the world. It definitely looks like it is all in the family for the Hayes family.

Watch the video:

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