Penguin Random House India set to publish Sanjay Khan's autobiography in 2018

Set for release in 2018, book will present candid account of Sanjay Khan's life and career.

Penguin Random House is excited to announce the acquisition of renowned actor, writer, director, and producer Sanjay Khan’s autobiography, tentatively titled, ‘The Best Mistakes of My Life’, from The Book Bakers literary agency. Set for release in 2018, the book will present a candid and in depth account of Sanjay Khan’s life - his entry and career in Bollywood, relationships and friendships, adventures and life lessons.

Speaking about the book, Sanjay Khan stated, ‘In the midst of my rising film career, a fortune-teller made my Kundli, in spite of my resistance and objections. His prediction turned out right. My life has been like a giant explosion, full of excitement and adventure.”

He went on to add. “Even as a child, I sensed that I was blessed with something special about my personality and my voice. My friends would flock to me to listen to my stories while seeking my company, always curious to know what I was up to next. I never dreamt of the experiences, challenges and the fabulous life that was in store for me. I faced near-fatal accidents ranging from the Studio fire to a helicopter crash. I feel blessed to have shared deep friendships with world leaders and extraordinary businessmen.”

The veteran actor also shared, “My life has been full of dynamic twists and turns, and unique surprises in Russia, Turkey, Iran and Lebanon. This book is about my loving and wonderful family, my wife and children, my brothers and sisters and my extraordinary parents; a journey down the memory lane with anecdotes about my brother Feroze Khan, my Guru Satyen Bose and Chetan Anand, my friend, philosopher and guide. And finally the story behind my unique friendship with Raj Kapoor, my childhood idol, and the one who inspired my entry into films.”

Editor-in-Chief at PRH, Milee Ashwarya commented, ‘I have grown up watching films starring Sanjay Khan, and now to be able to publish his autobiography is an absolute honour and joy for me. Mr Khan has had a rich and fascinating life full of adventure, and life changing moments. A great raconteur of tales, the book will be replete with fascinating insights into Bollywood, creativity, relationships, and the socio-cultural times we live in’.

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